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1994 Porsche 968 Sport
Registration No - L242 THF
First Registered - 28.03.1994
Chassis No - WP0ZZZ96ZRS815408
Engine No - 4ZR01756
Current Mileage - 97,891
The 968 Sport offered for sale here is a half way point between the standard car and the lightweight Clubsport variant. Offering much of the appeal of the somewhat hardcore Clubsport, with a slightly more sedate nature making this not only an extremely capable sports car but an exceptional grand tourer.

Finished in black with black upholstery this car is in fantastic condition throughout and must be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated.

Benefitting in February 2014 from a vast amount of work carried out by renowned performance car specialists ‘Elite Motor Tune’ of Northamptonshire, the bill for this cost in excess of £6,000.00.
Alongside a raft of receipts for all work carried out this car comes complete with its original service booklet containing over 30 stamps, 95% of which are from Porsche main agents, the rest are from Marque specialist Hartech and the aforementioned Elite Motor Tune.

To sold complete with the full service history detailed above, a current MOT certificate expiring November 2015, three keys, and Swansea V5 logbook showing just 4 previous keepers.

I prefer not to make light of two similar models back to back, but whereas the Cobalt Blue Tiptronic 968's color demanded to be seen, this one flat out screamed for attention.

this is the 968 Sport, the gentleman's version of the CS made specifically for the UK. Porsche had decided that English enthusiasts who lusted after a CS but could not do without such simple luxuries as rear seats, central locking, electronically operated windows, mirrors, tailgate release and a sunroof all of which are deleted from the CS needed a car of their own.

Porsche's offering as of January of 1994 was completely on the mark as the Sport was a commercial success in the British Isles selling 306 copies against 40 normal versions...and it cost £4000 less to boot.

although the Sport could be construed as more of pantywaist's version of the manly CS, there are enough similarities between them to contradict such a term. starting on the ground level, their springs are 20mm shorter than standard as are the rear torsion bars indexed by the same amount, both have the meaty and very desirable 3-spoke steering wheel sans airbag, a digital clock with a stop watch in place of the analog unit adorn their consoles, reduced sound proofing, the old 944 door cards are used, 2-speaker stereo, 17" Cup 1 or 2 wheels, no rear wiper, and no under-bonnet light.

the key differences then if one were to sum things up, lie in the wiring loom and battery which require more threads of copper to power the extras the CS deleted and the cloth comfort front and rear seats. what I could do without is the silly and unnecessary "Sport" stamp, it looks juvenile and lacks panache in its choice of font—better to have left it off completely or label it the CST and market the thing as a touring version of the club sport. but alas, marketing triumphed with a wet noodle of a name and so it stands.

despite my personal beef with the name, this car is not only exquisitely represented, the photography transcends it beyond the ordinary "just a used 968 for sale" as these cars are so often presented. it's a jewel of a specimen for very little money and a rarity amongst the rare.




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