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It has 235kW engine power @ 6000rpm. This Porsche 928 has a powerful 5.0 litre engine. 95974 km on the clock only. This car has ABS brakes, front & rear power windows, central locking, cruise control, alloy wheels and leather seats. This car has climate control air conditioning. This car has front fog lamps. Accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 5.9secs. This car represents great value at $38,900. This car has been certified as roadworthy. 
Get off the mark from 0-100km in 5.9secs. This Porsche 928 has central locking, alloy wheels, leather seats, cruise control and front & rear power windows. It has ABS brakes. It has 235kW engine power @ 6000rpm. This car has climate control air conditioning. This car has a powerful 5.0 litre engine. 

This car is exceptional value at $38,900. 95974 km on odometer only. This Porsche 928 has passed an official roadworthy.

This particular vehicle was originally imported to Hong Kong to well known HK importers Jebsen Motors. Jebsen Motors are Porsche Dealers well known for their up dating of Porsches.

This vehicle was originally velvet red metallic and Jebsen stripped the 928 and painted it Jebsen blue. It has updated GTS rear bumper bar with garnish, digitial dash and original first aid kit,

Reason for sale is need more room in garage.

Number plates not included.

Nothing further to spend because I have spent thousands!!
in case you're unaware of who or what exactly is Jebsen Motors Ltd., allow me to explain.

in 1895 Jacob Jebsen and Heinrich Jessen co-found Jebsen & Co in Hong Kong as a shipping agency that developed into a trading company. their raison d'être become one of facilitating imports and exports to mainland China. they've helped BASF trade blue indigo dye 1897, obtained a Mercedes-Benz agency for the Chinese market in 1930, imported the very first Volkswagen Beetle by air in 1953, and in 1955 went on to import the first Porsche into Hong Kong. by 2005, they've celebrated 50 years of relations with Porsche and four years later, they sold around one-third of the total volume for Porsche in China opening up their first Porsche Centre on the mainland in Shanghai becoming the first dealership in all of China to sell 1,000 units in one year. 

so it should come of no surprise that the stripping of the original Velvet Red dress and repainting it their trademark shade of Riviera-like blue was done with the utmost in quality and attention to detail, a quick glance in the engine compartment becomes confirmation. the rather high price for what is essentially just another S4 seems justified with respect to its provenance, much like a 968 from Mitsuwa Motors in Japan...there's just something very special about it, especially a rare RHD version, and especially since the color is also used on their Team Jebsen racing Porsches.

if anything else, the lovely and soothing blue should be enough to seduce.





Edward Roose
11/12/2016 17:31

I wouls love to see the service books? I'm in perth btw.


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