features:classic model,little used,good price,large displacement,many options,professional,left handle,smoke free,ordinary engined,commonly used,not smart key,need a key,luxury seats,safety device,smooth handling,no Parking Camera,relaxable,safety assist,no ESC,brilliant color,no repaired
Good Buy!
As you know, there are fewer and fewer good original 968's on the market these days, this one has 18,600 miles on her. Well that could be a time bomb waiting to explode if it's been sitting for a long period of time. Looks all original and not violated, would have to find out when it was last registered on the road, if has service records etc. 

Lately low mile 968's, 944 Turbo's ,944 S2'S have been pulling big numbers and mostly by collectors scooping them up. We all know we would rather have an old Porsche with some miles on her driven regular basis with service records then a barn find that has been sitting with low miles forever. You and I will drive and enjoy them , not let them be a show garage queens. The 1% of collectors, on the other hand, would just love to have them to gaze at in there collection. 

These Damsels are like Boats; the longer they sit,  the crankier and rickety they get. Going to inquire through email to see if I can get some more info.



michel dupuis
02/03/2016 08:00

if you have more quality porsche 968 let me know ,thanks ,michel


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