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53,000 Original miles, Tiptronic, Variable cam , 250 Hp same as turbo models of 80s without boost lag. needs window , upgrade wheels, BARN FIND starts great , runs great , shifts in auto or tiptronic perfectly , a/c cold , heat hot car is ready to go car has not been driven in 15 years so it is stiff
this is the reason for the amazing low miles

1993 porsche 968 odometer: 53000
paint color : silver 
size : compact
type : convertible 
drive : rwd
fuel : gas 
transmission : automatic
title status : rebuilt 
cylinders : 4 cylinders

condition: good
I could go on about the condition of the car, thrash the incorrectness of horsepower figure comparison, and even go so far as to poke fun at the oafish ad, but I'll spare you the obvious. something else has me more embuggered...the color of the airbag doesn't match the car's supposed 1992 vintage.

we can dismiss 8YR black and 6XL classic grey as they were offered throughout the range, and up until 1993 there was 2JZ marine blue, 9WW cobalt blue, and 4XW magenta, that leaves us with only one last color used from 1994 aside from the H24 midnight blue and that's T15 chestnut brown. adding further silt to the pond, the title claims it a 1992 whilst the sidebar says it's a '93. so, I've got to believe this car could've been custom optioned (sonderwunsche) or a swap out of components because the only conceivable color on the palette that my age onset blindness can suggest is chestnut brown, albeit a very sun faded rendition...which could very well even be—burgundy.

this argument might make a bit of sense. since this car is declared to be "rebuilt" on the title it means it has been wrecked with a very good possibility that the airbag deployed on the driver's side which means a used airbag, possibly from a 1990 928 S4 in 7LD burgundy, went into its 8YR black steering wheel if indeed such a retrofit were even feasible. the fact that it's so discolored by the effects of the sun along with the horrid photos makes it very difficult to be sure. 

that the color of the hides, looking very much like a barely recognizable shade of burgundy, match none of the colors offered from '92-'93 is another mystery much in line with the airbag. JN3 black, BQA marine blue, ARK cobalt blue, APK classic grey, ASK magenta, AQK light grey, and ATX cashmere beige were standard fare, unless of course a "special wish" was requested, these NZ8 burgundy seats were offered in the 944/951 from '85/2-'91, DCC chestnut brown seats for those who may think is a closer match, would've been offered on the '93-'94 series 968 with the more modern scalloped inlay design contrary to the style on these seats.

the top is another curiosity since it's faded color matches none of the colors Porsche offered, but then again it doesn't have to since a car that's seen a little over two decades of service should've already shed its scalp at least once; of course nothing is to be assumed with this example. 2XW/A03 black, 3ZL cobalt blue, 5YH magenta, 7JW dark blue, and a classic grey code 5XF were what Porsche offered up until model year 1994 where two additional colors were added to the palette in the form of B39 florentine grey and 8PZ chestnut brown.

the relevancy of all of this? I take great pleasure in validating a particular Porsche's history whilst exercising a few under-nourished skills of late. of course any of what I mentioned is open for debate as nothing will ever be certain without the 17 characters that begin to scratch the surface of this Polar Silver Metallic 968's composition, but as far as provenance goes and that anything is possible with Porsche, it's anyone's guess.



the interior of an '89 951 with NZ8 hides and white piping as this image from our comrades at German Cars for Sale Blog shows


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