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the thing that amazes me most, and keeps the flames of this project fanned, is the camaraderie. 

never a day goes by when I meet another enthusiast beaming me from some small pocket on this globe with something to share, whether through words or images, that defies the jaded notion of having seen or heard it all. look at the image above; have you, and be honest, ever seen these mementos of a time forgot? chances are that yes you may have and forgot all about these publications as the memory sat deep in the recesses of your brain waiting to be rekindled. if not, someone I've recently met has what is possibly the most interesting collection of historical artifacts from Porsche.
Mike van der Weerd had, and still might, something that caught my eye like a flash of Minerva Blue on 16" Phone Dials gliding by at a great distance. it was the 1978 European Car of the Year press kit for the 928, something, and I'm not afraid to admit, that I've never seen before—this is how I met this Mike.

an exchange of emails revealed just how many similar objets d'art this collector possesses, and all for sale. their worth depends on what you're willing to exchange in currency for something that connects your Porsche to a time when it was new to this world. if you, like myself, have a library of such things that give you great pleasure to reference when in need or to satiate a nostalgic thirst, then no doubt will the images you'll see below pique your curiosity and beg you to include them into your collection.

contact Mike via email: m.vanderweerd@kpnplanet.nl



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