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Porsche 928s 1981 wide body kit, 5 speed, 4.7 litre, modified engine, 9 months Vic rego, Australian Compliance, high pressure fuel pump, Has LT8s computer which can modify fuel mixtures, tuning engine, ect, hook up to a computer, or use the small hand held computer inside which also shows revs, temp, ect. Aluminium fuel tank, modified exhaust (loud), 17 inch alloys, 7 inch cd player, sunroof, Have had the vehicle about 4 years, timing belt and water pump have been replaced about two months ago.

The bad points... 1st and 2nd gear has to warm up to change okay, could do with a tune through the LT8s computer as it can be hard to start sometimes, interior shows some wear, some gauges and air cond not working, paint average in some areas.

Rare to see a 928 manual that looks like this in Australia, it gets a lot of attention where ever it goes. Dimboola Vic being half way between Melbourne and Adelaide. I can be contacted on Neil.
Darwin to Adelaide.

that's exactly what I told veteran flüssig enthusiast Steven Wade the moment I opened his email with a link to this ogre of a 928. had I seen this car advertised in Long Island, or Los Angeles, it'd be ripe for the ridicule...but this one is different.

the geography of the Australian continent, specifically where this S lives, is vast, wide open, yet mysterious and inviting. what this Porsche tells me, quite simply, is that it's a rugged survivor of less than friendly conditions. heat, dust, the punishing roads you're bound to run into in this 16 day journey furthers the number of battle scars this beast already possesses— the body kit only underscores it.

the test drive...

I'd strap a metal rack to the roof, load the boot with everything I could fit for me and it to survive and drive straight through Stuart Highway where Aboriginal sites dot the MacDonnel Ranges. under the din of the M28.11's 300hp Alice Springs, Ayers Rock and The Olgas await promising salt pans, dried up lakes, long dust-laden roads, truckies, hitch hikers, and watering holes become part of the tour that guarantees to make you feel like more of man stopping short of Kangaroo Island. 

I couldn't resist...that's exactly what this old girl is begging me to do with 'er.




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