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This is a very rare and classic pearl white 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo. It is in VERY NICE condition (not perfect but very nice). There were only about 30 of these made and this paint color was only available in 1986. This car is a 5-speed manual with very nice (almost perfect) burgundy interior including highly desirable sport seats. 145k original miles, 3 owners - all from Southern California. Sitting on beautiful Fikse FM-10s ($850 + each) rims and brand new Bridgestone Potenza RE760 tires. All stock other than Weltmeister DME / KLR chip... 
The interior is 9/10 and the exterior is 8.5/10. 

Thousands of dollars spent on this car over the last year with tons of maintenance records and receipts. This isn't some stripped apart car; it is a collector! Included in the sale is the original radio, spare tire, jack, inflator, tool kit, phone dial rims, etc.

Maintenance in the last 200 miles -

New Sachs Clutch
New Rear Main Seal
New Timing Belt, Balance Shaft Belt, Rollers
New Water Pump
New Clutch Slave / Master Cylinders
Rebuilt Fuel Injectors
New Fuel Pressure Regulator
New Fuel Rail Jumper
New Fuel Rail Lines
New Power Steering pump
New Power Steering line (container to pump)
New Fuel Filter
New Spark Plugs, Wires, Cap, rotor
New Coolant Reservoir Tank
All new intake lines - braided cloth
Venturi Delete
All new sway bar bushings
Flushed ALL fluids with the proper stuff, high zddp oil, dex cool coolant, atf power steering fluid, ate brake fluid, redline tranny fluid
Cross Drilled Zimmerman Rotors (Front)
Numerous other little bits that I've replaced that I am forgetting... 

There are a couple of minor things that need attention; leaky power steering rack which hasn't bothered me enough to deal with it. Couple of paint touch ups on front bumper. Fog light cracked but fully functional. A PO installed the "Porsche" panel between the rear tail lights. I've removed it which exposed holes that were drilled to mount it. I have the panel and it is included with sale should the new owner wish to reinstall it.

I get tons of attention / compliments in this 944 every where I drive it - it does look that good! It pains me to sell this one but I have another 951 that I want to mod. I can't bring myself to mod this one..
the wheels aren't to my liking, but that wouldn't stop me from advocating giving this car serious consideration for those interested in a 951.

aside from being very rare, LOA9 Pearl White Metallic is arguably one of the best period colors for a Turbo and pairing it with 8" and 9" Fuchs with black centers would underscore what seems to be a well sorted little brick. on paper, the owner clearly took great care of this car, and it's not so much what was replaced but how it was done...this is the important bit to remember. nothing would be a greater let down than having any component replaced without the proper knowledge and skill it takes to do so, I've seen the work of more amateur hands than I care to forget in this respect.

do scrutinize things like motor mounts, shifter/linkage bushings (I can't tell you you what an absolute pleasure a properly rebuilt linkage is...two words, click clack), synchros, correct timing/balance shaft belt tension, oil cooler seals (very important), oil cooler lines, oil separator seals, engine compression, struts/shocks, suspension bushings, the rest of power steering lines, and rack boots. if these were already done and in good working order, there's very little you have to do in terms of maintenance.

I'm not moved by this car aesthetically, the choice of wheels fail to compliment this striking design, but that's hardy the point. if you're looking to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of 944 Turbos, than this one should be on your list to inspect. the price is right, it's well looked after and honestly presented, and a good portion of the wear and tear items are already done. I suspect this one won't last very long, so move it.




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