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Porsche 1988 9245s 1-500 runs great , belts changed 3 times , records for the first 12 years !! New belt kit and water pump with car ! Beautiful !!!! DO NOT TEXT ME AND ASK ME TO SHIP !! SCAMS GO AWAY !!!!
1 of 500.

in case you didn't catch that, let me put it another way; this 924 is 1 out of 500 ever made. what's so special about it? if you knew your 924 history, aside from knowing that 1988 was the last year for the 924 with the 160bhp M44.09 engine, you'd also be well aware that there could only be one 924 of that year with only so many made; the SE.  

this model, the Special Edition, was specifically made for the US market commemorate the 250,000th 911 made; you smug sorts will suck air air through your teeth and offhandedly mention how this car was merely a marketing gimmick to ensure these last of the '24s sold. you'd be right, but who gives a damn?

with an M030 suspension made up of Koni dampers and stiffer springs which dropped her a bit (10mm in the front and 15mm in the rear to be precise), 23mm front and 20mm rear sway bars, they tossed away the AirCon unit, power windows, and power door locks too. see the single lightweight plastic mirror? it weighs just over 1lb, and it's the same one found on the 924 Carrera GT and 944 Turbo Cup cars. the diet was even carried over into the carpeting and seat/door card fabric where a lightweight but flimsy flannel-like material was used. 

so if it's so special, why the hell are we seeing only two horridly amateur photographs with just a few sentences that end childishly, and advertised in afree classified that attracts rapists, pedophiles, thieves, and chronic masturbators and the occasional bargain hunter? 

well, it's much like driving through a quiet little town and spotting a little old lady selling bric-à-brac on a rickety table in the front yard of her bungalow, who happens to have an original 1924 Bauhaus Wilhelm Wagenfeld WA24 table lamp, a bit dusty, but worth nearly a grand in any antique shop. 

she wants $75 for it 

read our article on the history of the SE here.





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