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in my closet hangs a vintage Belstaff XL1000 Trialmaster jacket and trousers in excellent condition. for those of you not familiar with such a kit, it's Haute Couture for motorcyclists. impervious to foul weather, warm, durable, timeless, and made in England...and as of late, they've become the new darling of fickle Vogue reading fashionistas.

I'm currently selling it on eBay for a cutrate price of USD$500, I'll have you know that this very suit sold in Japan a bit north of USD$1,000 in 2014. here's the problem, and stay with me as this is relevant, a cretinous soul whose better part became a wet spot on the sheet, sold the jacket alone for USD$29.95. this effectively killed any chances of this gear retaining proper market value for the time being. the logical thing to do is keep it in hiding until the market readjusts. right.

this shining example of a car shares a similar story, well nearly so.
100 of these right hookers were split between the Brits, Aussies, Saffers, and Japanese, that makes this car—excuse me while I yawn...very exclusive, very rare, and very collectible.

normally I'd be excited about such a find, but not today. quite frankly I'm tired of repeating the fact of how rare a car this is and then see a price that suggests otherwise. put another way, the price doesn't reflect the exclusivity. yes, I'm well aware that the market simply doesn't work that way, but asking yourself how such a gem, and I'm sure there's less than 100 today, could not arouse a market hungry for anything Porsche that whiffs of rarity must surely make you wonder what kind of market we're dealing with?

but let me play the other side of the court. unless this car's dossier suggest a soiled history, that's a fantastic price for the likes of us, the enthusiasts who know damn well how valuable this topless 951 is—and will be. is this a market correct price? I dunno really, last one we discussed was a left-hander living in Portugal that was on the block for something like 50 grand, of course it had 50,000 km less but outnumbered the RHD 5:1, but does that even matter?

here's what we have on the surface; M383 and M387, left and right electronically adjustable sport seats in ARL Cobalt Blue, L90E Apline White paint, 18" 3-piece Speedline wheels, a 968 CS 3-spoke steering wheel part number 968 347 084 with an inlaid Porsche crest, and M418 side protection moldings. the red-blooded M44.52 250bhp engine coupled with the 5-speed 016R makes this beast the most potent drop head of the water-cooled four-cylinder models surpasing even the 968 Cabriolet by about 14 horses on a good day.

low hanging fruit, this one...best get in on it before the market decides to outclass you.




michel dupuis
02/03/2016 07:58

if it's still around let me kknow ...thanks for you consideration,michel in mtl


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