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Single piece with H-approval! Since producers and in the car when he registered letter> Zimmermann DP Motorsport> 1st owner DP MOTORSPORT Zimmermann, 2 entries! Absolute collector potential with appreciation !!!! The Fhzg. was rebuilt by DP Motorsport 2010/2011. > Engine, brakes, Bilstein Suspension DP, DP racing seats, complete. Stainless steel exhaust, carbon bonnet, Fuchsfelgen 9 + 11x15> 225 + 285, body of DP Partially restored, paint, gears, etc., reconditioned or new, Heigo cage. Ca.6700km since revision! The Fhzg. has DEKRA - Munich in 2013, a review 2+ state.
The estimated value was set at € 32.000.-. Vehicle in top condition. TÜV 8/16 all changes TÜV entered !!!! The Fhzg. is ideal for Historic Events! (regularity tests, classic car events) The DP 944 is previously raced NO !!!! Only a consistency test on the Salzburg ring. As new BBS with semi-slick and neoe Michelinr rain tires can be purchased on base with VB (see photos) The purchase price is € 24,700 and a fixed price! Please only phone 0171 9416533 since I am blind and can not read status updates can - Thank you
the lime/yellow 944 you see below is the work of Charly Jando, the same guy who's selling the grey one above and presumably the builder of that very car. I know it's him because the last line where he mentions his blindness (a degenerative disease robbed Herr Jando of his sight in 1999) gave it away before I saw his website tattooed on the rear bumper that confirmed it

Herr Jando raced from 1971-79 taking a trio of Bavarian Championships and an overall German Championship in '76 before he committed himself to opening a Porsche tuning/body modification shop in Munich called Porsche Box München Nord around 1986. what he ended up creating was a super 944 Turbo, the lime green/yellow car, that Sport Auto magazine tested against the then new 944 Turbo S in 1989.

their findings reported that Herr Jando's 944 churned out 300hp at 5,700 rpm and 397 Nm of torque at 5,200 rpm over the Turbo S's 250hp at 6,000 revs and 350 Nm at 4,000 rpm, packed a K28 turbocharger blowing out ,85 bar of boost, 7,7:1 compression ratio, and limited at 6,400 revs. 

compare this to Zuffenhausen's 951 with a smaller K26 turbocharger puffing out ,70 bar of boost with 8,0:1 compression ratio limited at 6,250 revolutions. although it had a higher top speed of about 260 km/h, 6 km/h over Jando's 944, and matched the naught to 40, 60, and 80 km/h sprints, the stock Turbo S began to loose sight of Jando's 944 from naught to 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, and finally 200 km/h where it took 20, 9 seconds to get there against the stock 951's 25,6. Jando's Turbo also embarrassed the stock Turbo S in 4th and 5th gear accelerations from 50 km/h to 100, 120, and 160 km/h by an average of 3 seconds.

one could say that the ,777 fifth gear ratio in Jando's car over the ,829 fifth on the Turbo S, the only gear ratio changed, might have given it the slight advantage it needed to beat the S around the Hockenheimring by a full 3 seconds, but the numbers in the sprints from naught and from 50 km/h in fourth and fifth gear tells us the K28 turbocharger made the difference.

what the hell does all of this have to do with this normally aspirated grey 944? absolutely nothing...but it does give us insight on the man who's name adorns its rear bumper. we really do need to bring you Herr Jando's full story in the very near future; there are far too many interesting things and cars that came out of his company. 

setting this massive digression aside, this 944, the grey one, has been offered for sale nearly a year ago when we wrote a small article about it and how this DP kit that managed to swell up its haunches while still keeping the original design's integrity intact. I fell in love with this car then...and I still lust over it; the deep red Fuchs are enough to make one's Kegel muscles spasm producing an embarrassing wet spot in between the front pockets. 

there's very little information about it and who gives a shit? this sex machine needs nothing of the sort to sell itself; the modifications and DP pedigree alone are enough to inspire one to open their passbook.


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