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After the successful introduction of the Porsche 944 Turbo (951/952) in the year 1985, Porsche started the development of a race car basing on the 951 which would then lead to the first one make race series in the history of Porsche. The car and the Cup were called 944 Turbo Cup. The cup cars received a number of performance-enhancing modifications which were implemented into the serial production with the 944 Turbo S. 
The turbo cup cars were undertaken a continuous optimization, power output was increased from 220 bhp to 250 bhp and to 290 bhp for French cup cars. The Turbo Cup was carried out in Germany from 1986 to 1989 and in France from 1987 to 1990. Apart from their engine development, the Cup Cars were prepared as follows: The engine was fitted an oil pan featuring increased capacity and an intake manifold both made from light weight Magnesia. In the engine bay, a strut brace was fitted and all unnecessary equipment (e.g engine bay lighting) removed. The interior was stripped out including the deletion of the rear seats, a “Matter” roll cage and Recaro seats including 5 point harnesses on the driver side were installed. 

All comfort equipment such as AC, radio, stereo, central locking, electric windows and power-assisted steering was removed allowing the car to loose weight considerably. The exterior was changed only slightly by fitting lighter cup mirrors, replacing the fog-lights by air intakes for cooling the brakes which were borrowed from the 928 S4 that used larger, drilled discs and race pads. On dry tracks, the Cup cars were run on Magnesia alloys (8/9 X 16”) equipped with Slicks (245/255 ZR 16). The cars weighed in at 1160kg’s and put down 305bhp @ 5900rpm and 420Nm @ 3800rpm resulting in serious performance figures: The sprint from a standstill to 100 km/h (60mph) was done in only 4.4 s, a kilometer from standstill took 22.8s and top speed was 300+ km/h (The cars were clocked at 305km/h on the famous Hunaudières The car presented here is a German version. Road legal. German registration. Ex - German Cup Champion with Joachim Winckelhock Excellent working order . ONS Passport. Independant appraisal
Christophorus magazine made an interesting point after the Turbo Cup series first run at the Norisring which happened to be the fifth round of the inaugural series in June of '86;

'one has to wonder at how little responsibility some drivers fell for their DM80,000 machines, not to mention those of their competitors.'

there wasn't a single car at that didn't come away without some kind of damage, Michael Cotton reported...some were even written off. the intense competition involving the driver of this particular car, Joachim Winkelhock (popular winner of the first series), Harald Grohs, and the star of throughout the four seasons of the series, Roland Asch, underscored the punishment these machines endured. Christophorus candidly bashed these guys a second time reporting that they 'went to the outer limits of sporting legality.' those words, although harsh to some, were polite to say the least.

was this insolence the result of these cars not being built at the Weissach research and development center, but at Neckarsulm therefore considered "nothing special?" I dunno, it's probably a far-fetched notion. the fact is, these cars were very special indeed since they were actually finished off at Matter's workshop in Bruschal and then shuffled over for storage at Zuffenhausen's customer department, so it's not as if they were just "production cars off the line."

some sources claim between 40-43 were made ready for delivery in March of 1986 at around DM79,900, roughly USD$34,757 in 1986 which comes out to USD$74,155 in 2015 money. two were kept by Porsche that were then offered to some celebrities.

I have a soft spot for these early cars with the Fuchs wheels, which I'll go into deeper detail on their histories a bit later as they were the first evolution. the next generation had some differences namely their 250hp engines which we discussed in another article here.

for now, enjoy these superb images of what is truly a survivor from the hands of the ruffians that flogged them...undeservedly so.




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