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Porsche 968 CS / Club sports a produced only 1,538 units Very nice original condition Excellent maintenance at 93,116 KM with belt! M030 - sports suspension with large brake M220 - differential lock M348 - Club Sport seats left and right M403 - Cup wheels 17 " M433 - Sports steering wheel ATIWE M451 - Radio preparation M573 - Airconditioning M595 - rear spoiler in body color M651 - Power windows M657 - Power Steering 
I had a financial analyst once tell me that I should unload my investment property and put that cash into the market. you know what my reply to him was? I said Clive, do me a favor, go fuck yourself. 

I was serious.

now put this CS into that same conversation, and the mentality of where to best put your cash would be identical. 

the logic would go something like this. you have forty large burning a hole in the breast pocket of your Richard James jacket. you, the sometimes conservative sometimes guns-a-blazing risk taker that you are, decide it best to pick up the CS because, well—you've always wanted one. yes it's over 20 years old, yes it will need attention, and yes, perhaps it's a smidgen impractical, but it's sure to make you excitedly happy as if a dog with two tails.

your boring account, he who shags with his watch and socks on, suggests that if you must acquire another Porsche, better to take that forty grand and buy a '12 Boxster with a warranty...for peace of mind. in fact, why not forget the whole car business and put that money in the market.

look at this thing. perfectly presented as if an exhibit in the Gagosian Gallery on Britannia Street in London. in this setting dressed in virginal L908 Grand Prix White, she's literally begging you to exchange cash for her Fahrzeugschein and deflower her as you wish.

armed with a 40% lock-up limited slip option M220, and the very desirable M030, (which, I will add, is not a standard option on the Club Sport model), what makes this little firecracker practical and civilized are options M573 AirCon, M651 power windows, and M657 power steering. I won't get into how very rare 968s are, Club Sport versions in particular, and how coming across one as clean as this is becoming a rarity because if you've been reading this magazine, you'd already be aware of this. what more could you possibly ask for?

I can't find a better way to spend USD$40,000 in the front-engined Porsche market at the moment...put that in your pipe and smoke it Clive.




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