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I remember reading a ways back about PCNA proposing to Parker brothers creating a Porsche Monopoly game, but nothing ever came of it; the combination of a niche product paired with tooling/licensing costs and a bleak forecast on profit for Parker Brothers nixed any chance of this becoming a reality.  
the eBay seller of this little 951 prototype for one of the proposed pieces points out that these 944 Turbos were given out to the public at auto shows in 1985, and apparently the remaining model line-up went to prototype; what remains to be researched by yours truly was precisely what the point of the game would have been?

surely there'd have to be some sort of theme revolved around Porsches as you couldn't simply swap the thimble, race car, the hat, iron, or boot for a 924, 911, 928, and 944. supposing some blocks you could potentially land on where parts, modifications, or maybe rare vintage Porsches to add to your collection...what if streets where Porsche Zentrums beginning with smaller, unknown dealers in no name towns to posh ones in the worlds swankiest cities?

what if a block or seven were devastating maladies that can happen to your Porsche like a snapped timing belt, exploding rubber centered clutch (remember, this is the 80s), or maybe a leaking rack, or noisy torque tube bearings. what if a block were marked 'divorce' forcing you to buy your wife out of the Porsches, or perhaps forced to sell it to another player and split the proceeds. think of how exciting the uncertainty would be when you land on Chance, draw a card, and it says "your wife caught you banging the babysitter, she dosed your beloved 928 S with gasoline and burned it to a crisp...collect insurance claim money."

you know what? maybe it's time we resurrect the idea, shit...imagine the laughs one could have at each other's expense.




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