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Runs well, well maintained (e.g., new timing belt), many years of maintenance records available, very clean, no rust, interior & exterior covers, sun roof, custom detailing, originally a California car, only 4 owners, fancy Porsche wheels, some extra parts, stored winters. $6000
the L10A rallyegelb color got my attention when veteran flüssig enthusiast Tim Martinez brought this '77 to my attention this morning.

then I slipped into a day dream for a moment. the yellow must have been the reason my eyes became glazed as I imagined the original owner possibly looking through the options catalog and picking out the Porsche script for the doors, the four lug lattice wheels that came with the first Turbos on our soil, and the Sebring-type stripes running along her flanks.

"whoever the original owner was, he or she spent some cash on this little brick." I muttered to myself as I stood up from my seat. it was precisely at that very moment when I felt my pitbull Che's nose punch into my anus and take a deep inhale; it was a harsh way to snap one out of a daydream, but not as harsh as the fart I blasted up his nostrils in return for such rudeness.

I shuffled over to my library and found a copy of the Zubehör (acessories in German), to sort of re-enact the experience of what it may have been like for one to decide what sort of embellishments to adorn the 924 with. of course, the horrid smoked mirror moon roof on this example was a poor choice; it could've been ordered with the detachable roof option M560 presuming, of course, the glass moon roof was done at the time of delivery.

you must remember that this car is nearly 40 years old, oh did you forget? this sort of thing happens if you were born around that time and grew up seeing these cars then and again. it's the timeless design that helps the 924 retain its youthfulness and were it not for the 80s time stamp Vitaloni mirror residing on the passenger side, it could pass for a car half its age. clearly, it was one of the few specimens that was cared for throughout its life.

it's a time capsule, this. finding the period radio intact usually confirms that such uncompromised originality lurks elsewhere...and when you think of it, isn't that the fun of buying a Porsche such as this?





04/21/2015 16:47

Wow, looks a lot like a number of matchbox and hot wheels 924's I owned in my youth! I'd roll that in a heartbeat - exactly as is. Excellent and entertaining article as always, Pablo!

04/21/2015 19:49

Cole, thank you for your kind words! it's enthusiasts like you that keep us going. glad you enjoyed it!

04/25/2015 16:49

The original owner lived in Carmel, CA. The story (apochryphal) is that a neighbor was Clint Eastwood and he drove the car. Who knows? Nice thought. My brother switched the wheels when he owned it. Yes, mirror added (for safety) is not original.

06/12/2015 08:21

Muy buen relato Pablo, siempre algo interesante para ver en tu web


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