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I am selling my 1978 Porsche 924 .this car has been re-built from the bottom up. It has a custom flare kit from California three piece rims duell weber carborator's header and the interior is in mint condition. It has four dic brakes. 4 speed transmission .it's a 4 cylinder has a header and runs perfect. This car has not seen snow and very little rain .this car is a head turner!!!! Don't miss out won't last long.
goddamnit, what is so hard about taking halfway decent shots of what is a very interesting car? this half wit took the shots with his phone height-wise. not only did I have to waste time cropping out the unnecessary bits, I was left with the horrid resolution you see here. let me show you an example:
were it not for 924 poohbah Dan Beckett of Ideola's Garage posting this one on my Facebook page, I wouldn't've even bothered; here's what he said:

Pablo, here is a rare Automotion body kit on a carb-converted 1978 924 up in Vermont. This is only the second Automotion kit I've seen since I've been into toofahs (2004). The other one was in the Bay area, and last I knew was purchased and relocated to FL. Enjoy!

for those of you who aren't familiar with Automotion, these guys were offered an amazing array of Porsche performance parts for Porsches. in the days before the internet, even the Commodore 64, you called Automotion and requested one of their inch thick free catalogs that was printed and bound in the sort of quality reserved for limited edition books. 

Dan unearthed what is possibly one of the nicest survivors of an era gone buy. but in order for you to appreciate modifications this car underwent, I'd have to dig though my library to find one of these catalogs advertising this kit; this was serious stuff in those days. 

man I'd love to hear the sound of those carbs sucking air and could only imagine what this 924 looks like in the flesh. 

thank you Dan...what treat!



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