el jefe

Original print advertisement from 1984 (not a reprint or reproduction, all of our items are originals).

Condition Grade: VG

Size: 8 x 10 1/2 inches

Packaging: Item packed flat in a stiff cardboard mailer and then sealed in a waterproof poly mailer.


notice the price, USD$ 21,440 in its plainest form which translates to USD$48, 435 in today's money. it must be said, however, that this ad reflects the image problem Porsche was so desperately trying to shake.

beginning on English soil, the 924 was unofficially raced in the PCGB (Porsche Cars Great Britain) 924 Championship in an effort to assert it as a "proper Porsche." of course we all know how the ultimate expression of the 924's pedigree was at Le Mans 1980 impressing even the naysayers up until 1982 when it was last raced there. in order to capitalize on these milestones, this US 944 ad from 1984 would remind the public that its pedigree was born directly from these Le Mans efforts.

seen here on the left is one of two BF Goodrich sponsored customer GTRs that raced with its street tires; one was the Herman+Miller Porsche GTR and the other was the Brumos Porsche GTR used in tandem at three of the most well known venues in 1982; Datona 24 hours, Sebring 12 hours, and of course Le Mans.

for the sake of direct lineage, more apropos would've been to pair the 944 in this ad with number 1 Hugo Boss liveried car chassis 006, the 924 GTP (aka 944 GTP), used at Le Mans 1981 where it finished 7th overall prompting the announcement of the 944 two weeks later.

although that Hugo Boss GTP would be used in a 944 Turbo a couple of years later, the American market would identify most with the BF Goodrich car raced on our turf.



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