el jefe

Bj. 03/1988, 118kW G Cat, almond beige metallic, velor burgundy pinstripe, Power Steering, eFH, tinted glass, luggage cover, 7 + 8x16J Porsche Alurad m. 205/225 / 50R16, 163000km, BILSTEIN sporty road-Fwk., Rear wiper, immobilizer, electric mirrors

Just arrived! When we sold him over 10 years ago for the first time, he was beautiful. Today, after this time and about 30000 km Driving performance, he needs some attention in the form of rust removal of stone chips on the front apron and some, other cosmetic work. He gets a very extensive inspection with timing belt, water pump, idler pulleys, change of all supplies, new tires, and all other works that are necessary.

He just deserves.

Let yourself be surprised in what a great condition so conscientiously cultivated by Porsche now 27 years his kann.Danach he can casually go to the H-zone and beyond like to take under the wheels another 30 years. He feels when riding today - in front of all these works - as to when he can handle this task with ease.

On this occasion, we thank you once again thank the owner, the fun remembered after 10 years with the car to us, and gave him back to raise and take care in our hands!

Full of anticipation to ensure great results of our current work we say goodbye at this point and encourage you at the same time, reinzuschauen again shortly. He's already been great, but soon he is again a very great 924S!
there's nothing I found particularly exciting about this 924.

but then I sat here and really looked at it cocking my heading this way and that. I got up, walked out to the yard, took a leak, came back in, made some tea, and sat back down and looked at his car some more when it hit me.

much like the girl in the office who doesn't have a single feature to give you a rise between the pockets, you never give her a second thought.

then she cuts her hair.

suddenly you pick up on her nicely shaped eyebrows, her almond shaped eyes, the way her little nose turns up just so and as you look further down below her chin at the rest, you begin to have lecherous thoughts.

with this logic, if you think the meaty D90s and or the M360 factory rear molded stone guards are enough to give me a tingle...you're off.

that it wasn't ordered with option M418, body side moldings, is the only reason my eyes were in the throes of visual ecstasy.

look at her. the contours of her svelte figure are pure and uncluttered; it's truly the only way one can appreciate Lagaay's penned lines. much like the simple haircut that at once complimented and amplified the features of a girl you never gave a second glance to, the D90s, the stone guards, and the unexciting LY1Y mandelbeige (almond beige) metallic, make the contours of this '24 pop. suddenly, the lines become much more pronounced, the subtle crease line that would've otherwise been hidden is now in plain view to help alter the hue and prevent this 924 from being trapped in the seventies. instant lust.

have I gone mad? no, I'm merely stating the obvious. 




06/12/2015 08:28

Otro buen relato y lindo 924 (aunque un poco virgen para mi gusto)


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