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PORSCHE 924 Group 4 - 2000ccm, semi works car, original cartitle from porsche development department, untouched since 1979 -> see the article in ralley&racing 12/1979
proof that there are still discarded bones that have been stepped over. forget the GTS, the GTR, even the Le Mans GTP; the only other rare 924 that could touch this one is the 1979 Rallye Turbo 924 which shares one thing with this baby—only 1 was ever made...1.

what were the chances of finding this? one can waste away their time looking for obscurities on the internet like midget porn or the largest booger ever produced; but here is something that would be nearly impossible to find if you'd typed in "1979 Porsche 924 Group 4" into Google's search bar...but it will now because we've documented this one here.

this is the sort of find that I absolutely go bonkers for. nary has an author written anything substantial on this 924 that I could find; but then again, why would anyone have bothered? save for the obvious Carrera GT/GTR/GTS, the 924 has yet to come into the radar of those who have the means to not only buy such an example, but help raise the bar to put this little wedge on the blue chip map.

the seller knows what he has, yet the ad placed gives us no clues about how he or she got, from where, from whom, this sort of thing. this is one character I'm going to contact, it's too important a car not to pursue. once contact is made, a letter to the archivists in Stuttgart is in order followed by a rummaging of the archives. surely if this 924 was supposedly birthed from the loins of Porsche's development department, then a paper trail exists...

Dieter, we've some chatting to do.





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