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Here we have a very clean 1993 928 GTS. This car is specced in the consistently albinic color combination of Zermatt Silver over Light Grey with Classic Grey piping. With only 46,000 miles on the odometer, this example does appear to be virtually immaculate.

A search through the history of this car reveals that it is originally from Virginia and eventually made its way to Nebraska, where it was owned by a chiropractor and most recently a dentist, who sold the car to Willhoit Enterprises. Anyone well familiar with the market for 928 GTS’s is certainly aware that Willhoit has a virtual monopoly on pristine examples, and a reputation that corroborates the asking prices.

Now for the fun part.
This car is not perfect (but I guarantee you that there isn’t a perfect GTS left in the United States). Obvious flaws include the yellowing of the intake covers, cracking of the intake tubes, absence of the jump post cover and radiator top seal in the engine bay. Outside, the “5 mph” decal in the passenger side rear window appears to have yellowed (you can pick up a new one here:, the windshield wipers don’t appear to be original (or are at least missing their factory spoilers), and the center caps in the wheels don’t appear to be original (the crests should either be black or painted in the traditional Porsche colors). In the hatch, the CD changer, luggage net, and luggage cover all appear to be missing, and the hatch light seems to be inoperable (probably just a blown fuse). The front cabin also has a few noticeable imperfections which include the missing reflective dots on the door handles and the aftermarket LED lights in the doors.

Imperfections aside, this appears to be a crisp low mileage example of the increasingly collectible 928 GTS. The asking price of $69,900 seems to be substantial, but all it takes is one buyer with cash in hand. In a few years, we will likely reflect on this as being a good buy. Back around 2012, a similar example would’ve fetched $20K less after months on the market.

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