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tired of the same old same old.want something different you don,t have to build yourself,with a super rigid race proven platform ,from the worlds greatest sports car manafacturer,yet is very very affordable? look no further. presenting the super pretty auto-graph 924 spyder. a modern slant on a timeless classic that is modern yet retro.
built on a galvanised all steel body that has been stripped,stiffened and modified,all steel with a stripped engine ( choice of 3 )to include new big end shells,new piston rings,head and oil cooler gaskets,ported,induction kits and throttle response cams where applicable,timing belts etc.special lightweight doors,carbon fibre effect wing mirrors,special waterproof upholstery,push button start,new suspension components,new discs and pads,fully refurb alloy wheels with new tyres and nitrogen filled,custom lights and rear vallance,custom stainless exhaust etc etc. 

it has lost a considerable amount of weight,but with its stiffer body has allowed us to fit suspension that is not silly stiff,so the car handles,but with comfort as well.super fuel efficiency,and true open top roadster fun. call for more details. taking ordres right now. edach car available to customers own spec,so unique to them. we have a finished prototype for viewing. appointment only please.all this from only £10995.00 ic full mot.finance available on this car.
a pal of mine, Rich van Meeteren, instant messaged me some shots of what has to be my least favorite modified 928, the Carelli convertible. when I asked him what he paid, he said it was under ten grand. I'm not sure what these cars are worth today, but the price Rich paid suggests he didn't get beat up too bad.

that headless 928 looks like a suppository with wheels, but in all fairness, I've never seen one in the flesh so I've got to believe Rich when he told me it looks much better in person; this is a case where pictures don't seem to do justice.

I told him to hold on to it for as long as he could. much like the horrid looking Beutler coupés, they'll no doubt become a serious collector's item worth more cash than anyone could've ever imagined. twenty years from now, the market will see these cars as a significant piece of Porsche history and price them accordingly especially in a market where the 928 will surely be very sought after.

although Carelli was in the business of converting 928s to dropheads, I've no clue who the fuck the company that converted this car is. their website,  
http://www.AutoGraphSpecialistCars.co.uk, is dead, so there's no way of knowing just how many 924s were sacrificed for such a conversion. unlike Bieber who was a very real and legitimate company that discovered a market hungry for 924 and 944 Cabriolets before Porsche had introduced their version with the S2 in 1989, the creator of this Spyder is of unknown pedigree.

they're certainly not the first company to cut up a 924 offering its owner a place in the exotic one-off Porsche realm, and probably not the last as these cars, for the moment, are fairly inexpensive to risk such a conversion.

I used to pound my fist on the keyboard and fire off salvos of venomous rhetoric at the owner or company who committed such a crime of altering the lines Porsche's designers worked so hard to perfect. but I don't see the point these days especially when the attempt was an honest one in keeping the integrity of the car's original design somewhat intact; like this 924.

it's not to my liking, but who am I to decided what's proper or not? in assuming such an elitist position, I'm no better than the other dickhead purists I love to bash. lots of enthusiasts will undoubtedly see the beauty of this 924 Spyder and embrace it as not only a Porsche, but a Porsche that Porsche should've built.




06/25/2015 12:01

Hank's spyder is better.


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