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THIS IS A MUST SEE Less than 30,600 original miles. 5 speed manual transmission 17" wheels Rear Defrost Rear Wiper Sun Roof(tilt moon roof) Air condition has been converted to R134 Car has been serviced regurlary, new timing belt Black interior
this one doesn't really do it for me. 1984 was sort of a shoulder shrug year, about the only exciting news was the tilt sunroof becoming an option as was power steering, Porsche fabric upholstery, and the 16" forged Gullideckels similar to the 928. as far as improvements, a remote hatch release was incorporated and the rear seat release mechanism was improved.

I don't normally rely on pricing guides used by collector car specialists, but at the asking price of USD$14, 500, this one's a bit on the lofty side on the face of it...which is totally irrelevant; I'll explain.

in the world of vintage Porsches, emotions get in the way of making sound decisions; throw in a full moon, and things will certainly get right out of hand. you see, there's an enthusiast out there that is absolutely positively fully erect for an LY5V Sapphire Blue Metallic (an optional color) 944. it just so happens that this particular one averaged about 970 miles a year to accumulate a little over roughly 30.600 miles and that's what's going to drive our panting enthusiast over the edge. it doesn't matter that this 944 is about four grand higher than what the so-called market experts calculated, this enthusiast is willing to pay over what seems to be the going rate simply because he may feel that the chances of coming across a car in this particular color with ridiculously low miles ever again are nearly nil.

he may be in luck as being one of the few in line to give what the seller asks, because if this car was wearing a set of class Fuchs instead of Cup Is in the wrong offset, that line might suddenly go around the corner.

if it sells at or near the asking price, this'll be another not-so-special 944 that'll be setting the bar for the rest. good on 'em if does because whether I like the color or vintage of this 944 matters not one whit. the buyer will most certainly get a car that's as close to new as it gets and may be willing to drive the thing since at this mileage, it's a little past the magic mark where it can qualify as a museum piece or bubble dweller.




Joe Howell
07/06/2015 15:21

Nice car. I would like to know what it fetches. My one P.O. Guards Red 84 has 25,000 miles and has won numerous awards. Black leather sports seats, 4 spoke sports steering wheel and staggered Fuchs round out the package. I paid too much when I bought it 5 years ago but the slow uptick in prices for nice examples has caught up.


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