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This very original example in Black over Linen/Black is 1 of 106 produced for the US market. An original owner car which has been in California from new, living its entire life there until I acquired it, Spring of 2015. With it came the original window sticker and a welcome letter from Porsche Cars North America. It also has its owner's manual, warranty service manual, and full documentation of service history from Sonnen Porsche in Mill Valley, California near Napa.
Everything is intact this 928 came with from new, including the factory tool kit, collapsible spare tire, factory jack, Porsche air compressor, and a set of spare Porsche belts. In its 25 years, this GT has accumulated just over 60,000 miles, which averages out to roughly 2,400 miles a year. Clearly, it was never a daily driver.

Since it's been in my possession, I've taken what was a nicely preserved GT to a Concours condition example ready for preservation class at any Porsche sponsored event. Without question, this 928 is one of rarity and distinction sought out by collectors and enthusiasts of the breed and those with a preference for high performance Grand Tourismo driving.

No stories. No disappointments.
I'm biased.

Jim Doerr and I have a bond tighter than if spit out from the same womb. so when I tell you that I know exactly what sort of chap he is, nothing is coated with the sweet stuff.

Jim, owner of 928 Classics, is deeply passionate about 928s...early 928s. I'm talking early; more specifically the first two years of their existence; 1978-1979.
so when he bought this GT, it was to fulfill a desire he'd developed long ago.

he told me over the phone when he purchased it; no doubt he was super excited about what sort of car he'd just bought; the thing is near mint. a few weeks would go by before I met him in person for the first time at Hershey; he'd brought the GT along. 

he asked me what I thought.

I looked at him straight in the eyes and said, " this car ain't you."

he knew that long before I told him.

if you're interested in this beast, understand that, although time spent with Jim was short, you'd be getting a 928 in better condition than when he bought it. to say he's a fastidious perfectionist that demands 11 on a scale to 10 would fall a bit short, Jim is all about the details and this 928 will explain that better than I can.

the last two lines underscore what this GT is all about; no stories, no disappointments.

'nuff said--




07/22/2015 21:50

The Hershey trip, the traffic was rough. I could tell the GT wanted to get on up, but there was no chance to stretch her legs until heading back. And before I knew it, we were home, with way too little of the good stuff we look for when driving Porsches.
Looking back, it all seems apprapo. The highlight of the trip was meeting you, Pablo bro! Naturally, the GT just wouldn't outshine.
And that was my last trip with her, and now she waits to give it all to her next owner.
It's been a real pleasure prepping this 89 GT for sale. She was just so nice and original to begin with. But like you said man, it's all in the details. If I did my job well, you really shouldn't be able to tell I was in there. That's the secret to it all. She looks and drives like when she left Zuffenhausen.

Thanks for the shout-out on this one, duder!


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