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Thanks to international racing successes and sustained consumer demand, Porsche decided to give its transaxle range another refresh.
The standard 944 2.5 gave way to the all new 16 valve 3.0 liter.

With 211hp and the ideal weight distribution the 944 S2 was on of the top horses in Porsche stable. Sporting the biggest and strongest production 4 cylinder engine ever made.

This Porsche 944 S2, built on May 23rd 1989, is particularly special. 
Apart from the fact that the Weissach development centre had this car on test till 1991, with the DR. ING.H.C.F.Porsche AG as its first registered owner, this model is an official pre production car as 
it has the specific option codes 734 and 735:

734 : PV-O serie motor ( nicht serie ) 
735 : PV-O serie getriebe ( nicht serie) 

Although the exact tests it was subjected to cannot be established yet, it's clear that this car is part of Porsche history.

Standard features that were introduced in model year 1990 are:

-Three way catalytic converter
-Three point harness rear seats
-Central door locking and alarm system
-Electronically adjustable head lights
-Forged pistons
-New square inlet design for optimised engine respons
-Active engine compartment ventilation (D.M.V three phase ventilation circuit)
-Larger external oil cooler
-Modified DME with own diagnosis
-and the use of the complete underpinnings and brake system of the 944 turbo.

This pre production car comes with the factory registration and the following chassis number:
Factory registration : BB-PW-566 
Chassis number: WP0ZZZ94ZLN400002 

One of the two option code stickers is still on the paper, which is why the booklet has the codes written manually in it:

Option sticker codes: 
M: 341, 416, 423 , 528, 651, 657 

Hand written option codes:
M: C00, 328, 416 , 526, 990 

Options according to the PPN system (Porsche):
M: 328 , 416 , 526, 666 , 734 , 735 , 990 

Despite this car having option 666 ('entfall lack U. Chromkonservierung') lacking paint and chrome protection treatment, this car is free from rust and has mostly original paint. (Apart from the front fenders and hood that were repainted in 1998): the beautiful combination of Alpine white with Turbo S red interior.
With 117822km on the odometer and a strong maintenance record, together with the history makes this mod highly collectible.

All of this is backed up by the extensive documentation that comes with the car, such as the original German 'Fahrzeugbrief', invoices, original booklets and brochures.
The tool set, warning triangle, compressor and belt to secure luggage complete the car.

The car is for sale at Porsche Centrum Gelderland, that regularly wins the title for the best Porsche dealership in The Netherlands (also last year). They also specialize in special classic Porsches.


Well, here's another special classic from Porsche Centrum Gelderland. To support them in giving this particular pre production 944 S2 the attention it deserves, we translated their text for you all to add your knowledge to it. 

el jefe:

goddamn...I'm shaking my head in disbelief; not at what Leo has found but the way in which this Porsche Centrum presented this relic. Jesus Christ, I've seen better ads on Craigslist composed by people who act as though they've recently been carved from a block of ice. they can be excused something as common as a camera is completely new and foreign to them. there's no such excuse here as I'm sure Porsche doesn't hire such technologically bankrupt humans.

for a car this important, I want to see eeeeeeverything, even inside the fucking tailpipe; at the very least they could've been good sports and given us a few shots of the car itself rather than bits and pieces?

guys over at the Porsche Centrum in Gelderland, get your shit together...you're supposed to be professionals.

one of our enthusiasts has a 944S2 prototype similar to this one. another had a Grey one that was written about in Auto Motor und Sport with half a million kilometers on the clock...so that's three prototypes accounted for.

these prototypes were offered to Porsche employees first which makes it hard to trace the car's history as German law prohibits giving information away about previous owners; ask Paul Celentano, he'll tell you all about that regarding his 1979 931 Carrera GT prototype.

this is a subject that I need to address in a separate article after some hard research. for now, let me tell you what options this baby has since the numbers they've provided us mean jack shit to most.

on the option sticker label:
  • M341 - central locking
  • M416 - 4 spoke steering wheel leather 380mm
  • M423 - box for cassettes and coins
  • M528 - outer mirror for passenger side convex/heated/electronic
  • M651 - electric window lifts
  • M657 - power assisted steering

added options hand-written in booklet:
  • M328 - radio Blaupunkt Bremen SQR46 with ARI
  • M526 - door panels cloth
  • M990 - seat covers front cloth/cloth/leatherette

additional options according to Porsche:
  • M666 - without lacquer or chrome preservation (no wonder it has beezlebub's number affixed to it)
  • M734 - PV-O series engin_e (non series)
  • M735 - PV-O series gearbox (non series)

interestingly, this old girl had a few options that were either left off, added later, or forgotten about. what interests me are codes M666, M734, and M735. these will most probably be found on other prototypes too. the no series engine/gearbox make sense since they were clearly prototypical and not meant to be used or categorized in production sequence. no lacquer protection is serious; clearly the car wasn't meant to have a sexy, blemish free body for its entire life since it was probably short-lived. 

the plate number with the prefix BB for Baden-Württemberg is a head start. hang tight while I dig a bit deeper on this one. 





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