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Lower Mileage car, very clean. The following has been done within the last year. Oil pan gasket...Porsche OEM motor mounts...heat exchanger o-rings...Motor seals front including crank, balance shaft, camshaft steel sleeves and seals...water pump...all rollers...all belts...New cam chain tensioner pads...all under hood coolant hoses...clutch master and slave cylinders and pressure hose...starter...battery...clutch... pressure plate...throw out bearing...clutch lever bearings...clutch lever shaft...rear crank seal...transaxle stub shaft seals...fuel filter... head lights...Bridgestone Potenza S-02 ( less than 2000mi)...4 wheel alignment.....Interior like new. Exterior paint holds a shine very well. Car is completely sorted mechanically. Negotiable.
the seats felt firm. the kind of firm that suggests this S is nearly new.

for a moment, the complexity of the M44.40 engine is forgotten. the horror stories of the hydraulic tensioner's plastic ramps disintegrating causing the chain to go slack with disastrous results. 

twisting the key, the lukewarm reviews from period magazines suggesting that the S' high revving lump can only be appreciated at speeds considered jail worthy on our speed limited roads. how it's performance wasn't too far off from its 8 valve sister.

instead, thoughts go to the rarity of this machine. 12,936 were made...total. that only 8,688 made it to the US. as the smooth 16 valve comes up to operating temperature, you specifically remember how very rare this experience is because this 944 is one of 3,127 made for 1987. watching the tach needle floating steadily below 1, the realization that there could be half of them left on the ground you stand on increases the awareness of rarity, fragility.

the rocker cover's silver coat looks perfect, the exhaust cam gear cover that holds the distributor cap is too. cleanliness in the engine bay is of the honest sort. the muffled whir of the cam chain sliding on the near new ramps can be heard distracting the fact that the Guards Red paint isn't the most complimentary of colors for such a car. the lack of rub strips makes it tolerable.

there may never be another S in this kind of condition for this kind of price again. $10,500. the owner is selling her short.



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