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Great condition Amethyst metallic Canadian Porsche 9681 of 19 F9 Amethyst metallic 968 North America coupes1 of 5 F9 Amethyst metallic 968 coupes paired with a magenta interior#519 of the 2,234 (ed: 2,417 US/CDN coupés) North America 968 coupesUnique ‘as-new’ options included:C36 Canadian emissionsCanadian package 288 headlight washers and 340/139 heated seats383/387 Sport seatsRare multi-color clothe (partial) interior (in only 6 of 2,234, and only 2 of them are this color)The 968 shape and design is still modern & stands out as a unique vehicle. The well balanced chassis (50/50 ratio), availability of parts, and reasonable insurance, make this a great car to drive and enjoy. I have owned this car for 3 1/2 years during that time it was not tracked, was stored 
she had great legs. long and smooth, their magnetic pull had you transfixed as everything else around you became a blur. the thought of what was underneath that short suede skirt replaced composure with uncontrollable primal instincts. then, as if on cue, she uncrossed her legs in what seemed like slow motion revealing what drove many a great man into submission. 

a 968 like this has the same effect.

the Amethyst dress, although subtle, is enough to draw you in. as you got closer and peered through the glass, the situation became grave. the seats...jesus christ, those seats! WOW! it wasn't enough that they were covered in Porsche's eccentric cloth, the prominently curved magenta side bolsters sold you before even looking at the rest of the car.

to the impulsive, romantic, and irrational types, this 968 poses a threat in all manners of restraint. it's as if each and every 968 made possesses an individual identity, no two seem to be alike. how are these cars so overlooked? inevitably, they soon won't be which is why if you see one as well sorted and deliciously appointed as this one, you must rape your piggy bank.

don't put it off...you'll never see another one like this in your lifetime.




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