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Porsche 924 Turbo
Miles are actual!
Motivated seller!

I bought this car from the original owners in March of 2014. The man who owned it bought it new in Chicago in 1981. He passed away, and the son and wife didn't want to keep it anymore. It had been sitting for several years. It is in original condition with no modifications. No rust; it has been garaged its whole life. I have many of the records since new. The clutch was replaced, but the owners couldn't find the record (it engages smooth and holds strong). The odometer was replaced by Porsche in 1986 and the sticker is on the door jamb. 
The car starts on first turn of the key. Turbo boost is excellent. Oil pressure is excellent. Brakes are smooth and the tires have 95% tread life. A/C works perfectly. Everything works as it should. I replaced the following:
Spark plugs
Distributor Cap
Distributor Rotor
Oil and filter
Air Filter (K&N)
Many of the rubber elbow hoses
Radiator overflow tank
New Radio
Front speakers
Dash cap (not glued down yet)

What it needs to be perfect:
At some point in the cars life, it was in a front, drivers side fender bender. I have a contact with a good used hood and fender and I even bought paint, but I'm out of time and space to complete this project. The seats cover on the drivers and passenger side needs repair or replacement. The dash cap I bought needs to be a slightly darker shade of brown and less shiny. The steering wheel leather needs to be re-sewn. Lastly, the turbo's oil line seals need to be replaced; I have them for you. I also bought a new water pump and timing belt, but both are in good condition. 

The car in the current condition can be driven daily and I have. If you want it to be a show stopper, you need to do the body work. 

This a rare car; and even rarer in excellent mechanical condition. With all the work completed, it is a $10,000 car and values are rising. I wish I could keep it; I have 4 projects at the moment and this one has to go to a good home.

If you are serious, come see it and make a cash offer.
you can't...

you simply can't lay your head down at the day's end without a flash of Minerva Blue appearing behind tired eyelids.

how will make the room?

what excuse will you have at the ready to convince your woman why another homeless Porsche needs to be squeezed in when there're barely any covers left on your bed?

but there's only so few of these left.
but there's only so few of these left in this color.
but there's only so few of these left in this condition.
but there's only so few of these left with those rear splashguards.
but there's only so few of these left with Nadelstreifen braun und beige interiors.
but there's only so few of these left with five lug spindles.
but there's only so few of these left with the AirCon working.
but there's only so few of these left at this price.
but there's only so few of these left.

you'd better try harder, old boy...because if you don't, someone else will.




10/30/2015 07:44

You talking to me?! Oh sooooo close, and ohhhhh so tempting. I even have a near perfect seat to swap in for that torn driver's seat!


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