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Porsche 944 Turbo Cabrio 1 of 529 with guaranteed appreciation: 
Very nice car with beautiful interiors. Soft top is also in great condition. 
Vehicle was rebuilt in 968 tail, but are all original parts available for a tag. Outdoor facilities and equipment: - 4 cylinder turbo engine, 2.5l, 184 kW / 250 hp - 5 speed manual transmission - Alloy rims Speedline 8.5 and 10x18 - Radio Becker interiors and comfort: - Leather seats, black  Air conditioning Other: - Div. Bills and operating instructions are available
supposing your woman wanted to have her ass augmented, you know, a Brasilian butt lift. She goes and sees a plastic surgeon, get's the procedure done. a few weeks later, the bandages come off and all around her ass you see the sew marks where he grafted the new ass on. two huge zipper marks, one around each plump cheek. would you think that's OK?

take a good look at that 968 rear they grafted on. on a 968 In between the bumper cover and the sheet metal is a black beading that fills in the gap between the two. that's missing here. In fact, the butcher that grafted this bumper cover on decided it a better idea to fill that gap with Play-doh. as if that wasn't bad enough already, he then paints over the shit making it look even worse.

what used to be a rare and very sought after car has been ruined. and these guys are asking the market rate on a car that's no longer original and will take a good chunk of cash to unfuck this amateur attempt at modernizing a classic. It's disgraceful.

for €39,900, you can take the car and shove it up your ass.




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