e̶l̶ ̶j̶e̶f̶e̶

Beautiful Porsche 968 Cabriolet 6 speed gearbox with original 60680 KM !!! 

Rarely strong exterior paint; Maritim Blau !!! 

Suitable for a collection with appreciation !!! Passed with fresh Services, TÜV and German letter!

conditioning, 6-speed 
Teilel. Seat adjustment 
17 inch Porsche Cup Alloy wheels 
Non smoking vehicle High quality Japan imported! Unfallfrei! Very well maintained interior and paint TOP condition!. 1 Hand! In order to sell! For questions we are happy to assist you. Errors, formal errors and presale reserved. For an inspection and test drive please. Call appointment.
"so, how have you been feeling these days?" 

"um...ok, I guess."

"on a scale of 1-10, how content are you with your life?"

"I'd have to say a 5."

"what keeps happening that frustrates you?"

"phony questions from people; how are you, is everything alright, how was your weekend, this sort of thing."

"how do you typically handle aggravations, irritations, and frustrations?"

"I blow up, throw things, curse a lot..."

"what baggage or resentments are you carrying from your past?"

"being force fed the American Dream."

"what's been a major life disappointment?"

"realizing that the American Dream is BULLSHIT...it's a trap, a hole I can't get out of — I feel like quitting my job and walking away from it all."

and then you saw it.

the color you've seen on the Club Sport, 
the color that silenced the noise in your head
the color that had you transfixed
and here it
on what you think is the most
model Porsche ever made.

suddenly life had a purpose. 
the job, the boredom, the monotony of rituals
would be worth the sacrifice
with this 968.

maritime blue soothed 
releasing tension, 
erasing despair, and
slowing the pace down enough
so that you could
and appreciate a life whose soul had 
been doused by meaninglessness.

therapy had just begun.




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