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The Porsche was driven in the first years in Sweden and from this period are also the original workshop invoices with the kilometer data available. The Swedish vehicle registration document is a copy available. 

The Porsche has been transferred from Sweden a few years ago to Germany and then stood for many years at a collector in Hamburg. The Porsche was finally discharged for lack of space. The car was so good as not driving at the time. The vehicle is through the H mark in the maintenance very convenient. For example, costs the Liability and partial coverage (150 - ?? deductible) at ADAC together about 125, - ?? / Year. The car tax amounts to about 190, - ??. The topic is environmental badge with the H flag also not an issue, you must go with this label owned by the city area, which is sort of a green sticker
I have four years on this old girl. coming up on forty, she rivals me on having fought the ravages of time. a fine, crisp body dressed in optional Z4Z4 Diamond Silver Metallic over CC2 black/black/silver large check patterned seats gives this one subtle beauty with a sporting edge.

but four things redirected my attention from some of the obvious imperfections; the 380mm leather wrapped steering wheel, the chrome roof-mounted aerial, the after-market sport exhaust, and the deliciously patina'd Porsche hood crest.

alright, look...forget all that bullshit. I dig this little wedge...a lot...but she's not doing it for me...she's too subtle and I'm making excuses in justifying her beauty by pointing out the few good bits she's got to work with. I can't lust her as a whole. 

it's as if a colleague, whom I don't necessarily like, introduces me to his woman who wouldn't catch my eye if she were running at me naked with open arms and heaving breasts. I'd say a few nice things in the name of social graces without going too far out of my way so as to not sound insincere. despite the fact the she'd already gone to seed, she may have nice lips and delicate little hands, but that's all I could suggest if asked what I thought point blank.

put another way, she's not one I'd think of when having a soapy jerk in the shower...but I certainly wouldn't turn down giving her a bit of turkey neck if she asked for it — or a drive in this baby.





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