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Hello CL,

This is my personal car. I am not a dealer, and this is the only vehicle I have for sale. I do not take trade ins but would consider trading for a 2007-2009 Mercedes CL 550 with distronic cruise control. Otherwise cash only please, no PAYPAL.

The beautiful car you see here has traveled less than 39,865 miles since it was originally purchased over 31 years ago. It is the cleanest and lowest mile example of this model currently for sale anywhere in the country. This car was purchased in 2012 at Barrett Jackson Auction in Palm Beach, and I will provide the sale date and the lot number along with other selling details to the new owner.

If you have ever wanted to own one of these rare and gorgeous cars this is the best opportunity you will ever get. 

This car is a rare special order color with extremely rare burgundy leather. The leather is 100% original and in time capsule condition. The car features all factory options including full power seats on both sides, factory chromed rims, and of course the coveted Weisach axle (look it up). This car features its original factory Blaupunkt stereo with tape deck. Also a factory alarm system too. This car features its original spare tire, tools, and even the original Porsche first aid kit.

Car has BRAND NEW Dunlop tires, new catalytic converters, and has been fully serviced, all at the Woodland Hills Porsche Ferrari dealer.

No accidents and a clean carfax of course. I would really like this car to go the right new home. If you are serious about perhaps buying this car, the only next step is to call or text me to set up a time to see it. You won't be disappointed!
I won’t bore you with an asinine history lesson on 928’s like you would get elsewhere.  I just want to review this particular car for sale on Craigslist in Valencia, CA.  You all know what 928’s are, what they are worth, what you think they should be worth, which options are most desirable, which years to avoid, where the problem areas are, what year the pollen filter was first added to the 928, etc., so I’m just going to review the condition and history of this car and provide a little opinionated valuation at the end.  I drive a 1983 928 with similar mileage, albeit in a different color combo (and in better condition), so take my valuation for what it’s worth. 

This car looks pretty decent to me.  Things I like are that the mileage is low, the color combo of Garnet Red on Burgandy is great, the windows aren’t tinted, the engine bay looks pretty clean, the original radio hasn’t been replaced, and the owner seems to actually care about who he sells the car to.  Issues I notice are the absence of the jump post cover, the indentations along the interior trim piece surrounding the sunroof, and a little bit of surface rust around the bezels at the opening of the air intake tubes.  Things I don’t like are the chromed wheels and the rubstrips, but I’d be willing to overlook those if I were in the market for such a car.  

Some may dislike that this car has an automatic, but a pretty substantive majority of 928’s were fitted that way, and it really doesn’t bother me.  Sure, a manual adds some collectability, but I place far more emphasis on condition, provenance, and low mileage.  If you’re looking for a nice 928 to drive on weekends that has some potential for future appreciation, I wouldn’t overlook this car.  Obviously, I’d recommend doing some due-diligence and having a PPI done at a local shop.  If you don’t know what a PPI is, you have a lot to learn before deciding to move ahead and purchase one of these things.  I’d advise you to read up as much as you can.  As far as value goes, I’d say it’s worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $20K. 

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