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CLEAN CARFAX 36K MILES POWER ROOF, CD PLAYER, POWER SEATS, CRUISE CONTROL. You are looking at a beautiful 928 GTS with an incredibly low 36,599 miles. This car is a piece of Porsche history and features a manual transmisson, Power Roof, Rear Wiper, CD Player, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Seats with Driver Memory, Rear Wing, 17" Wheels and much more. This vehicle is being sold As-Is. We just performed the following services and items to the vehicle on 5/11/2015 at 36,550 miles:New Front and Rear Brakes and Rotors, New Battery, 4 New Tires, Replaced the Clutch Slave and Brake Master, Replaced the Timing Belt, Replaced the Outer Tie Rod and Steering Rack Boot, Replaced the Water Pump, Replaced the Air and Pollen Filter, Oil and Filter Changed and Replaced the Fuel Filter. 
We’ve all seen this GTS already (it’s been for sale at the same asking price since August), but rather than provide a valuation and go over its merits and shortcomings, which have been discussed elsewhere ad nauseam, I want to tell everyone a little about  its history and significance to me.  You see, I knew this car existed for a long time.  I had never seen it, and had even invested a significant amount of effort into tracking it down… to no avail.  I first learned about the car when I started following the 928 market some 8 years ago. 

I was searching through the listings for GTS’s on the 928 Registry looking for the examples that showed the lowest mileage when I first came across this car. There were no pictures, there was no description, no known ownership history, no information on options, or on anything… other than that the car lived in Gloucester Point, VA.  I lived not too far away, and was wondering why I’d never seen or heard of the car before.  I thought about it a lot between my initial discovery of its existence and its first public offering, which wouldn’t come until 2015.  
the first picture I ever saw of this car was this pixilated one that intensified the pursuit.
So I was surprised when one day I was paroozing the 928 Registry and saw a highly pixilated picture of the car in front of an “Auto Haus Yorktown” sign.  Well familiar with that dealer, I immediately went to their website to find that the car was already long gone.  With the pictures and description deleted, there was a short list of the car’s most basic features remaining on the site.  

It was only then when I learned that the car was black and possessed the very desirable 5-speed manual transmission.  A bit upset that I had missed the opportunity to go and see it in person (and perturbed by my own oversight of never putting together a connection between the car and Auto Haus, which is a well-known local German car repair shop and dealership), I pulled up the CarFax which showed that the car was now registered in Philadelphia.  I contacted Porsche Main Line, and was told that their owner had purchased the car for his personal collection.  I asked them to contact me if the car ever came up for sale again. 

There’s just a certain intrigue with such a rare car that I never caught a glimpse of despite it living in my back yard for over 20 years.

A few months later I received the phone call telling me that the owner was thinning his collection, and that the GTS would be up for sale soon.  I was given first dibs.  The price scared me away a bit (apparently it has done the same for others), but I was excited to finally see detailed pictures of the car for the first time.  It always gives me intense joy to find a significant car that hasn’t been seen by the public before… many won’t understand it, and it’s hard to describe. It’s something that only the most passionate collector car enthusiasts can comprehend.  There are a few GTS’s that are unknown to the public that I’ve found significant enough to track down.  I’ve been successful with most of them. This is one of those elusive “white whales.”  It would’ve been cool to find out who the owner was in Gloucester Point, and I still wonder a bit about its history. There’s just a certain intrigue with such a rare car that I never caught a glimpse of despite it living in my back yard for over 20 years. I just hope that it goes to a good home when it finally does sell. 

Cap'n Clean


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