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Porsche 928 Sitze vorne hinten neu beziehen so wie auf dem Bild in Original Design von damals
Pascha Stoff/Kunstleder/Keder 

oder komplett in Kunstleder für 1800€

oder in komplett in echt Leder  2800€ bzw. Pascha/Leder
Türeinsätze vorne sowie Konsole/Kassettenfach wie auf dem Bild ist im Preis inkl. Alle Bilder sind von uns und zeigen so unsere Arbeit /Qualität

Hier sehen Sie zwei Ausführungen einmal Pascha Stoff blau schwarz und auf dem letzten Bild  Pascha Stoff beige/schwarz

Weitere Teile wie Armaturenbrett, Mittelkonsole sowie Türverkleidungen auf Anfrage gegen Aufpreis.

there's a price to pay for individuality. 

there was a time when Porsches were pegged as cars for the eccentric, those who didn't give two shits about the status quo or fitting in. their buyers were of a special breed whose thinking paralleled that of its originator who challenged tradition. not for the sake of being different, but for being dissatisfied with the choices.

I'll bet that's one of the reasons Porsche struggled financially. they were creating an attitude that appealed to weirdos like you and me, and frankly but thankfully, our numbers were too small to keep their fires roaring. 

you can look punk on the outside but if you're a suburbanite at heart who subscribes to the American dream like everyone else, you're a poser. if you're gonna rock a look that turns heads as much as making them shake, you'd better be rocking that same attitude on the inside.

exchanging your ethos for the sake of being accepted by the masses is selling out.




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