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Only 192 cars were built (including 39 for the Rothmans-Porsche Turbo Cup series cars)
Reebok Colors (fresh paint and fresh vinyl graphics)
Driver Recaro seat/ passenger cloth Porsche Sport seat
8,369 original miles
Integrated factory roll bar
300 HP 

Magnesium intake manifold
Limited slip

Light weight body
radio delete
Sunroof delete
Air conditioning  delete
Power window  delete
Fiberglass hood
Raced by Rick Bye ( # 8 Reebok Car )
Engine kill switch in two locations (inside/outside)
All original parts still intact
Built at Weissach
This car represents an important piece of Porsche history
it's like being at a wake.

the shots of this Turbo Cup in such serenity suggest a transcendence from a life full of vigor to one of eternal rest.

"oh, look how good she looks."

"yea, so peaceful...she's gone off to a better place."

"she was a feisty one; I remember when..."

then you shuffle off away from the stiff and the bullshit talk to the poster board where images of her life are plastered in no particular chronological order. the surrounding noise begins to drown into silence as you brain starts playing the movies of this old girl in her prime...
The 1st race of the 1988 Rothmans Porsche Turbo Cup Series from Mosport.
The 1988 schedule:
1 Mosport
2 Niagara Falls, NY.
3 Mont Tremblant
4 Mosport
5 Shannonville
6 Mont Tremblant
7 Mosport
8 Mont Tremblant

1988 Rothmans Porsche Turbo Cup Race 1 Mosport

1988 Rothman's Porsche Turbo Cup - Race 2, Niagara Falls, NY.

1988 Rothman's Porsche Turbo Cup Series - Race 3 from Mont Tremblant

1988 Rothmans Porsche Turbo Cup Series Race 4, Mosport.

1988 Rothmans Porsche Turbo Cup Race 5 Shannonville

1988 Rothman's Porsche Turbo Cup - Race 6, Mont Tremblant

1988 Rothmans Porsche Turbo Cup Series, Race 7 from Mosport

1988 Rothman's Porsche Turbo Cup Race 8 Mont Tremblant

she's alive and well in memory, and that's where you decide to keep her...now it's time to reanimate this honey and wheel her out to tarmac and create some new history; she's got PLENTY of life left. she'd unstoppable.

after watching her in every race at the hands of a very capable pilot named Rick Bye, you get a very good idea of what number 8 was all about. she'd been knocked down, bumped into, scraped, slammed, beaten, revved to hell, and set on fire yet she came back for more. her appeal is that much more magnetic when you begin seeing her performing what she was bred to do.

to talk about the history of the Rothman's series at this point would be anticlimactic, that's for another time. what I will point out is what seems to be a discrepancy with her age, I'm almost certain that she's a 1988 and part of the 38 (although some suggest 39) of the Turbo Cup cars bred for Canadian export. in 1987, Rick Bye raced Cup car vinned WP0AA0957HN165106, the #60 Polyvoltac livered 944 with Rothman's blue and white dress that was shipped directly to Performance Cars in Ontario. that year, only 11 cars were made for that year's Canadian series and that car was the sixth one made. below are the VINS to those 11 cars:

  1. WP0AA095_HN165101
  2. WP0AA0955HN165102
  3. WP0AA0955HN165103
  4. WP0AA0950HN165104
  5. WP0AA0950HN165105
  6. WP0AA0957HN165106 ( Rick Bye's ride in 1987, #60 Polyvoltac)
  7. WP0AA0959HN165107
  8. WP0AA0956HN165108 
  9. WP0AA0958HN165109
  10. WP0AA095_HN165110
  11. WP0AA095_HN165111

that means this car, the #8, must be one of the 38 1988 cars ranging from VINs WP0AA0950JN16_5001-5099 (J in the 10th position indicates model year 1988). but these are technicalities that'll sort themselves out with a subsequent article dedicated to this electrifying series. this isn't the place for that kind of talk, it's about celebrating the life of an old girl that still packs LOTS of fire under that skirt.




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