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Barn find and rescue. ( Just added rebuilt tranny. New synchros, ring and pinion magnafluxed to check for cracks, Gear lash and preload set correctly, fresh seals and gear lube. Quiet and smooth.) 1988 Porsche 924S Special Edition. 1 of 500 made. Black. Factory produced lightweight model with big suspension upgrades. M030. Konis all around. Sunroof delete and Special factory pinstriped flannel interior with hand crank windows for lightness. Normal 924S had 6" x 15" wheels all around. This model has 7 and 8 x 16" wheels with much bigger tires.
This car still has the factory correct 944 side moulding, "mud flaps" in the rear, manual side mirror, cassette console delete. This is a drivers car. Low, stiff, with more horsepower than other 944/ 924S models. Fresh head, clutch, power steering pump, and much other work. I have been gathering and installing the factory correct parts for this model. Passed smog easily with factory cat. Registered til FEB 2016. Great looking car, great fun to drive, very collectible.

1988 Porsche 924SE USD$2,500

1988 Porsche 924S. Five speed manual. Bad engine, i.e., doesn't run. Rare car with manual Windows and no sunroof. Car in good condition. Car does have AC and power steering. It has the pinstripe cloth interior. Have a replacement engine available at an additional cost, it is not included with the car! Car is one of 500 brought to the US with these options. Located in Wilmington Delaware 19804. $2500.00 cash takes just the car, $3000.00 for the car and spare engine. Not interested No scammers, tire kickers, Etc. Don't bother emailing us to say the price is high or to just be a jerk. Your emails will be reported as harassment. Serious inquiries only please. Car is being sold as is. Clear Delaware title.

I like the first guy...I don't think I could play nice with the second; too defensive.

aside from perceived personalities which have nothing to do with the cars, both sellers know what they've got on their hands; a rarity. considering there are 498 other SE 924s driving/hibernating/rotting somewhere in these 48 states, I'd say the odds of finding these two for sale at the same time is also a rarity.

I've written shitloads on these honeys, so rather than sound like a busted 45, click on this link — history of the 924 SE

look at it like this; buy one, get the other half off.

big up to Carter Johnson of German Cars for Sale Blog for picking up the scent on these.





01/12/2016 20:04

My SE, the $4000 one above, sold last weekend to a very excited new owner here in SoCal. We pulled special parts off another local SE that had been rolled so these are 1 chassis even more rare. There's another here in SoCal that we are helping to restore. Really cool model! Looks like the delaware one was deleted from craigslist? Cheers! Tim Comeau


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