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You will learn soon everything worth knowing about this probably unique vehicle. Until then we ask for consideration of the photos in advance and the internalization of our absolutely factual notice: The mileage of this Porsche 968 CS in conjunction with the allocated treatment, care, maintenance and restoration makes it an absolute solitary.
A well-off vehicles, which is both visually and technically in all respects to the status of a lovingly maintained year-old car.

Moreover, it should be noted that without exception all act made him change the course of its restoration qualitatively exemplary and certainly represent reference character. His absolute Mileage can be worn under the circumstances mentioned only as an award with pride.

To this vehicle is of course gathered the entire history understandable and completes the picture self-explanatory if you know who is responsible for it all. But more on that later. First, we explicitly declare: a better conditioned Porsche 968 CS we do not know from our network.Such a statement can not of course include all the vehicles available in the market, and yet we are building in this particular case in our experience and routine, after we have this vehicle inspected and driven down to the smallest angle. Starting with a power diagram with the results of more than 250 hp measured, on the way of all work carried out on him, ending at the finish of the entire optical system.

Better hardly goes well.

We are not happy with some pride to present to you one of the most remarkable Porsche in recent years and ask in advance in case of interest to contact you to show you this car explanatory.

Meanwhile, we strive to an extensive report by a amtl. Recognized expert specializing Porsche, the tonic confirms our statements.

you see it.

the script--
so well rehearsed...
you see yourself running full bore in
sixth cutting through the air eating
painted lines on the asphalt

specks in the distance
become cars then streaks
in the rear view mirror
within seconds, they're

you park 
catching your
reflection over
Pascha through the driver's
side glass as you lock 'er up
and thrust the keys in your right pocket.

you walk maybe 12 or 16
steps before you turn back to look
at her one more time before she

she yours...all yours.

the day before
you were up at 4:17am 
high as hell.

this rarity of a Porsche to the fourth power
was all you could think of all night.

goddamn...it's gotta be a dream.




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