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ProducerStrosek Genuine PartsConditionused, in good condition rims are straight and has never been repaired! tyres Goodrich Comp T/A DOT 2001 front - 235/45R17 7mm rear - 255/40R17 7mm — 2 x 8Jx17 ET50 + 2 x 9Jx17 ET50
they hissed at Glöckler
they sucked wind through their teeth at Abarth
Beutler was chased down the street by a mob
Denzel and Heuliez hid under their beds
they want Strosek's artistic licence revoked

they're throwing fists at each other to own a Glöckler Spyder
they'd prostitute their mothers, wives, and sisters to buy 
an Abarth 356B Carrera GTL
that '59 Beutler Cabriolet one off? good luck
Denzel and Heuliez's creations are too precious to be breathed on
poor Strosek is hexed by owners who can't even give his cars away

Vittorio Strosek's generation of admirers haven't gotten their driver's license yet. when they do, they'll lust after the 928s, 968s, and 944s wearing his couture and will fight to the death in a bidding war to put one in their warehouse.

it's possible that we, the 40-50 crowd, will fall for anything Strosek as we get closer to the hole in the ground. admirers in this age bracket are in the minority at the moment—but that's certainly gonna change.

there's a strange phenomenon of growing up with unusual Porsche builds. familiarity begins to breed disgust, the soul tempered by the haters whispering words of ill taste. these bastards shed of Stuttgart's original lines need a generational lapse. once they cross into that threshold, they begin catching the young eyes who never read about them, never witnessed their birth or saw them blast down the Autobahn, let alone touch or sit in one.

try another spoonful...go on. you may discover a note that you're coke dusted nose or whisky painted tongue missed years ago. that note may be the reason you suddenly realize what brilliant works of art Strosek produced.

think of deals you'll get today and you just may thank yourself in a few decades when proceeds from the sale of your Strosek collection funds the nurse changing your diaper and wheeling you into the garden.




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