el jefe

lt. Tacho 20,664 km
Mileage 120,664 km
automatic transmission
Power steering
Rev counter
Radio / CD player with remote control JVC
el. windows
Leather seats
leather steering wheel
Center armrest with compartment
Power side mirrors. adjustable
rear window wiper

jump seats behind
Headlining leather
folding headlights
LM rims
Trunk cover / shade
Air conditioning in 3 steps
HU / AU neu
Maintenance Guide 
last entry at 08/2007 108,225 km
Camshaft Timing belt at 108,804 km.
there she goes. her face won't stop a man dead in his tracks and her wardrobe hardly palpitates the heart, but she has a gait with enough seduction to drown it in its own blood. cat-like, each foot kisses the ground as the opposing arm floats back in her wake. it's an indefinable magnetism that draws you in drugging the senses enough to castrate the will without even realizing it.

the Maraschinorot skin despises the polished D90s. they don't talk and when they do, they argue...the molding, too tired to give a damn, just sits there and waits for it to pass. despite the visual disagreement, her shape still draws you in...she pierces the air while standing dead still and that remedies the faults.

this is her kind's opus. the last of the breed went out with a limp-wristed attempt at exclusivity. the out of place door sill molding declaring this is may seem out of place and too tight in focus, but it's brushed announcement of this 924 S is very inviting, the  scripted seats want you stay for a while...and why not?

leather wrapped shift handle, floor mats embossed with the family name and crest; Porsche's Exklusive kit stopped short on this old girl...she pouts if asked where her  underchin "Wurst" front spoiler, side sills, and rear diffuser have gone...not all Exklusive Sonderseries 924S received them.  but who cares?

while she's light on frills, there's no better way to enjoy the last ones looking like the first ones with the power of the other one with muscular flanks.




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