el jefe

I have a 1977 porsche 924 I bought as a project got it running and drove daily for 3 weeks to shake out the bugs and did water pump started going out when I tore front cover off realized that it was going to need a timing belt also all parts are available at autozone less than a 100 dollars not a hard job to do if your at all mechanical has not jumped time I parked it ran and drove good if it doesn't go soon I'm going to fix it and price will go up front fenders are junk but I have replacements that need little work interior not bad other than needing seat covers will consider trade for motorcycle or American sports car 
the color of this 924 makes me want to
eat a cookie
clap my hands 
play the harmonica
plant daises
bake a cake
jack off
run a marathon
offer free hugs
sit on a park bench with a 40 
do cartwheels
feed the ducks
be kind

it's a happy car 
a happy color 
its unhappy appearance.

it's a fun car
provoking smiles
being born in sad times.

it's a thoughtful car
asking us to be
to one another.

it only asks to be 
and maybe, if you can find it in your
to go home with you
and be 
loved again.



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