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Up for Sale is my early 1986 928 S Red with Black interior, Runs fine..Rare Manual Shift 928S as they did not make many this last year of this body style and in the following years. in the last 24 mths New Battery-Steering rack-Fuel Pump and fuel filters-Alternator- D90 Wheel set and Goodyear tires-front passenger wheel bearings in & outer and Lower Ball joint. This is not a show car, but a really, really nice daily driver. Prior owner I got it from had receipts from over $20,000 in work done.
Air conditioning lower return line has a leak.... but I have never needed the ac so I never bothered to fix it... All Gauges work and at this time, . Interior is cleaner than when I bought it, as I have replaced the console shifter parts. Sunroof works fine as do all lights. I upgraded to 8" Hella Halogen H4 Lights and lamp housings. Interior is clean with some cracking on the dash but common for this model and drivers bolster is getting rough... Power seats work great... This has been a great car for me the last 5 plus years. Family issues have motivated me to sell it... Great car, not perfect, but better than most out there and is no mess by any means... the drivers lower ball joint is worn and I have ordered a new one, the hood release cable broke and I have a replacement due.... I have a owned a few so I am familiar with them. If you have been following the prices of this model they have been climbing up in value the last 22 mths.. especially the Manual Shift as not many were imported here in the US. Hagerty Insurance Avg Valuation for this year and model is $13,784 The Best condition in the last 12 mths has gone from $28 to today of $34 Thousand... This is listed at below what this condition is now bringing in value... PUT "86 928S" in reply title or I will not respond due to spammers..... 
Yes this vehicle is in a rural area, but one of the cleanest around. Garaged Winters not driven on dirt roads.. I will consider Best reasonable offers. Great car for as long as I have had it. This one is not hacked and are very hard to find nowadays in a clean unmolested condition.... Lots of extra 928 Parts to be negotiated if interested...
ahhh..the question isn't whether the seller is well versed in speaking Shark, but whether this is an early '86 or an '86.5!

calmly...and I mean CALMLY walk up to the sonofabitch, peer down at the thin strip of 17 characters at the base of the windsheild by the driver's side A-pillar and check where the following last seven characters fall in the list below:

GS60061 to GS60937 tells you it's a 1986 
GS61001 to GS63010 tells you it's an 86,5...BINGO

what the hell's the difference?

well, the early '86s (US) basically used up the last bits of the parts inventory leftover from the 1985 (US) model...more specifically the brakes, suspension, exhaust, and the floor pan that it all bolts up to. this quiet changeover took place in November of 1985.

the '86 used up the last of the floating calipers. the 86,5 earned the soon-to-be-released 1987 S4's four-piston calipers front and rear along with fewer teeth on the wheel's ABS gear. ABS was standard, with an updated system including weather protected wiring connectors and brain.

on the suspension side, the 86,5 had the S4's updated wishbones, sway bar and  drop links, an "articulated" carrier as opposed to the 86's lower upside down ball joint, and aluminum "link bearings" (mount) for the rear trailing arms rather than being part of the chassis. 

the exhaust...this one's a big deal; it's a "true" dual exhaust all the back to the muffler.

as far as the body on the 86,5, the first give-away by sight is the rear jacking point stick out below the rocker sill, and the rear part of the floor pan was modified to make room for the beefier exhaust and modified automatic transmission bell housing, and shortened battery tray which allowed for a more compact battery. also, the rear hatch has indentations to allow for the S4's new wing.

so, where does this one fall? hard to tell from the shots...it could be one of the 877 early '86 928s, or it could be the more desirable one of 2,010. does it matter to you? 




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