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1994 Porsche 968 Coupe Rare Car & Color - PRICED TO SELL.......$10,500.00 

Partial trade plus cash will be considered.

This is a later model 1994, and was the 555th car built of only 718 coupes. It drives perfectly,............suspension, brakes are tight, and the car is agile and responsive.

The color code L39V is 1 of 29 D3 Iris Blue coupes and 1 of 11 paired with Marble Grey/Midnight Blue interior.

Came with the following options codes:

WQ Partial Leather in Marble Grey
249 Tiptronic Transmission
425 Rear Window Wiper
437 Full Power 8 way Drivers Seat
454 Automatic Speed Control
The tiptronic transmission was a $3000.00 option, and was placed in a small percentage of Porsche 968s.

No Rust......I bought the car in Miami, Florida, had it shipped to Vermont, where it has been inspected until 2016.

There are some dings and scratches, and a drivers side paint repair does not perfectly match after being repaired and painted. A real plus is the car came from California and Florida and has never seen a Vermont winter.

These cars are so rare, and having a very nice, RARE optioned tiptronic transmission (automatic or manual shift) combined with a 3.0 liter 4 cylinder engine is a real plus. These car are perfectly balanced as the engine is in the front and transmission is in the rear.

Vermont does not issue titles, so you will get a bill of sale and the Vermont Registration Certificate.
she was coming towards me on Rue Lepic crossing Rue Coustou. each step cat-like, kissing the pavement before springing off. her intensity was pulling me in, she'd cast a spell before I had a chance to cheat destiny. there, in front of Bar Lux, the cocoa-skinned waif with green eyes gave me wink. she sank her fangs deep wasting no time spinning me in her silk.

we sat, smoked, drank, and picked at the pomme frites in a paper-sleeved cup. on and on she went; she studied at École des Beaux-Arts, she was John Galliano's muse when he was at Dior, she interned with Lagerfeld, and spent summers in Mallorca with Anna Wintour.

she nodded at the barkeep. the Absinthe arrived, our third...I knew what she was up to. 

"You know," she said as the absinthe turned to a milky louche, "we can go back to my place..."

I moved closer, pouring iced water over the sugar cube into the Pontarlier of Absinthe.

"you can do what you like, piss on me, tie me up like a dog."

taking the fork off the top of the Pontarlier, I took a swallow. the green genie calmed the nerves enough for me to whisper...

"baby, we're moving too fast...the day's young."

she took a long drag, held it in, pulled her lips to the left and blew the smoke off to the side.  


the bitch served it cold.

she'd tucked away her bright feathers, the courtship was over. moving closer, she rested  her elbow on the table, flicked the cigarette by the filter, and took another drag with her eyes locked on mine.

this was Pigalle. the broads here had a way of making you believe. the unsuspecting would leave this place with its stinger still attached pumping venom long after they'd been had. 

I pinched the Gitane between my lips, thrust my hand into my pocket, pulled two 50s and a 200FF note from the fold, lifted the ashtray, put the bills under it, got up, walked away, and dissolved into the crowd.

rarity isn't worth a shit if you've got something no one wants.




michel dupuis
04/29/2016 09:59

i love the end of the story...only 10% of 68'er will disagree...thans EL J.


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