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Thank you for bidding on a very special car, one of only 77 928 Gts models produced for the US market in 1995, the last year of this models production.
The 928 has the distinction of being Porsches only coupe powered by a front mounted V8 motor as well as the company’s first production V8 powered model.

This particular car was sold new to the original owner on August 8th of 1995 and he owned the car until January of 2016 when I purchased it.
The original owner is a local surgeon who collected coupes and took extremely good care of everything he owned.
I have been able to secure service records going back to December of 2011 from Westmont Porsche here in Illinois and from that time to the last repair order from them dated July 2015 with 62685 miles he spent $15,480 
This shows you the level of care and maintenance taken on this vehicle.

Recent items repaired or replaced;
Fuel pump      51,841 miles
Timing belt    51,841 miles
V belts             51,841 miles
Brake fluid flush  57,789 miles
Wheels refinished  61,864 miles

The car is black over beige hides with black piping
The original MSRP was $85,105 and pretty much everything was standard on these last cars including increased air conditioning, electric sunroof and remote cd changer.

As you can see by the pictures the car is in excellent condition with it only being driven on dry, warm days.
All books, recent records and keys are included as well as original Porsche car cover and many pamphlets from back when new.
It truly is a car worth adding to a collection.

Haggerty values for the car are between $59,000 being excellent condition and $85,900 in Concours with a 20% reduction for an automatic transmission which this is.

I noticed that the bottom engine shield is broken and have ordered a new one which is included in the sale directly from Porsche.

This car was meant to stay with me for a while as I believe this is a car that continues to increase in value especially with the records and condition of the vehicle but the wife dictates the sale, and this is VERY true in this case.
I’ll confess that I sleep with my laptop laying at the opposite end of my bed.  The first thing I do when I wake up is check the automotive listing sites to see what has been posted overnight.  Today’s morning eBay search yielded a pleasant surprise.

This one owner 1995 928 GTS is, as we know, the ultimate iteration of the 928.  The black on tan color combo adds to the appeal and adds a check in the “black/tan” box on my list of desired specs for a 928.  It also has rubstrip delete, all service receipts since new (supposedly), and has only been in the hands of one owner since its original purchase.  Check, check, check.   The price is right too.  Under $60K!  Try finding another GTS (much less a ’95) in this condition for less money. 

According to the 928 Registry, this car was purchased new in August of ’95, and was registered in Chicago from 1995 through the last entry date in 2003.  According to the seller, the car remained with the original purchaser until January of this year.  The car is advertised through a BMW dealership’s eBay account, so it is possible that the car was never titled to a second owner (but was instead titled as dealer inventory).  There is no history report available in the ad, but I’d advise interested parties to request one from the seller.

As for the condition, this car looks to be pretty nice.  The ad makes no mention of any paintwork, but I’d obviously be sure to measure each panel with a paint thickness gauge to see if available records account for any discrepancies among the panels.  I don’t consider paintwork to be an issue as long as it is well documented and was done properly by a reputable body shop. 

Otherwise, there don’t appear to be many imperfections on the exterior.  The radio antenna could use a replacement, and the lug nuts seem to have lost their original black anodizing.  I’m pleased to see the original decals still on the rear windows, as some have long been out of production (large white rectangular one on the passenger side).  I hope that whoever purchases this car recognizes the significance of the decals and doesn’t peel them off to apply window tint.

Inside, the leather appears to be a little dry and cracked in some areas.  It also appears to have some fading, but the dullness may be a result of poor lighting.  I especially like the presence of the original CR-1 head unit and changer.  So many 928’s have had their original radios replaced, so the presence of the CR-1 certainly adds some value. 

The car also appears to be pretty clean underneath.  The cosmoline is still intact, and the usual overspray onto nearby pained panels appears to be present.  It’s hard to see in the blurred undercarriage picture if the frame rails have any damage, so I’d be inclined to ask the seller for better pictures.  I don’t see any signs of rust, so I’ll assume that the car was stored during the winters. 

Overall, this car looks like a very nice, lower mileage GTS.  The comprehensive documentation and extra goodies (sales brochures, etc.) add some value to this car.  I’d like to see some more pictures included in the ad (better undercarriage and interior pictures, close-ups of any flaws, pictures of the engine compartment, and a few of the spare tire area). If you want a very nice 928 GTS that you could either show, drive regularly, or both, this is probably a good one to consider.  At the low asking price, I don’t think it will be available for long, so get on it! 

-Cap’n Clean (Andy)


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