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We kick off the flüssig exklusiv classifieds section with a beautiful and very special 1981 928 5-speed.  This particular car is featured with a rubstrip delete Mokka Brown exterior and a two-tone beige and brown interior.  With 20,000 original miles, the car is original down to the Pirelli P7’s. 

For sale in Wichita, Kansas, the owner Debbie Zrubek inherited the car from her father who recently passed away.  Her dad purchased the car from the original owner who was a friend who lived in Philadelphia. 
Year: 1981
Make:  Porsche
Model:  928
Transmission:  Manual
Color:  Mokka Braun
Interior:  Beige/Brown
Mileage: 20,700
Owners: Two
Documentation:  Original owner’s manual, maintenance manual, recent receipts.
Location:  Wichita, KS.
Previous Locations:  Wayne, PA
Modifications:  None
Upon close examination of the pictures, you will notice that there is no visible leather shrinkage around the defroster vents, no separation of the seams on the seats, and no noticeable corrosion on the cadmium plated bits in the engine bay.  I have been informed by Ms. Zrubek that the car has never had any paint or bodywork of any kind. The only visible exterior flaw is a small dent and scratch on the very rearmost portion of the driver’s side rear quarter panel.  A picture of the flaw is included below.  Inside, the tool kit appears to be complete and the original luggage cover and radio are present. 

The flaws on this car are more historical than cosmetic or mechanical.  Mr. Zrubek performed all of his own maintenance, but unfortunately did not keep detailed records.  The lack of documentation is the biggest knock against the car.  I was also informed that the odometer quit working a few years ago, but the car was taken to a specialist shop immediately upon notice for a replacement odometer gear.  Ms. Zrubek informed me that the discrepancy should amount to less than 100 miles.  
Ms. Zrubek said that she is excited to have the car featured in flüssig’s classifieds section, and has told me that she would love to find a new owner who will love the car as much as her father did.  We are equally proud to have the honor of featuring such a pristine and beautiful example of an original-bodied 928.  As everyone knows, 928’s in this condition are extremely rare, and don’t come up for sale very frequently. 

I know that there’s a passionate flüssiger out there who would be happy to give this beautiful 928 a good home.  You may contact the owner, Debbie Zrubek via email at:

-Cap’n Clean 


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