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Car number 2 of the 4 cars made, Producing approximately 480 BHP. The only road legal 968 Turbo RS. Factory standard car, The rarest RS Porsche ever made. 

A very rare and collectible Porsche, Only four 968 RS' cars were ever made and car number two here has some unique specifications. A three owner car from new with documented history. This special car has not been on the market for 15 years. Please inquire for more details and information.
a bump, a jolt, and then a muffled explosion shocks you out of slumber. 

you look out your window and see the furthest General Electric turbine in flames, its charred guts falling into the Atlantic 36,567 feet below. lights begin flickering in stereo with the screams of the other passengers dousing the captain's urging to stay calm. 

your're fucked. 

you're gonna die.

you've gotta fuck...someone, ANYONE, one last time — before it all ends.

this, I imagine, was how the Turbo RS was born.

how else could you explain the birth of what could be the most ridiculous car during the worst time in Porsche's history? 

by 1993, the reality of the 968's failure to rub drivers between the thighs made the timbers of Zuffenhausen's decision makers shiver. sales that year were down to around 12,500 for 928s, 911s, and 968s resulting in the company's first loss of DM150 million. Arno Bohn, the boss of this mutiny, had one foot out the door and would be lucky to escape with his ass intact.

rather than order all bulkheads closed before ramming the iceberg, they launched this beast of excess at the Geneva Auto Show that year with a 3,0 liter, KKK turbocharged Vier zylinder lump that pumped no less the 350hp at the back of the crank; and they did it with 16 valves, something Porsche's engine wizard, Ingenieur Herr Paul Hensler, deemed unnecessarily complex.

oh come on...they were only gonna scratch out 100 cars dedicating a special line at Weissach to produce them. just this once; two versions, that's all — one for Le Mans and International GT racing (350hp) and a sandbagged version (337hp) for the ADAC GT cup. and look, they'll be priced at DM198,200, about USD$119, 375 (USD$198,805 in 2016 dollars). with a top speed of 175mph and sub 5 second 0-100km/h sprints, how could they lose?

well, shit. the grand touring car championship series never matured and the ADAC had become a vortex. overnight, the car that was sure to make the most mature driver drop a load of shit in his dungarees was a commercial wet noodle. desperately needing a laxative, Weissach's bowels could only squeeze out three "reworked" examples for three buyers (yes, four total were made) sending them out with 8 valves in lieu of the exotic 16. an attempt to salvage some of the efforts that went into this program with the Turbo S had become sloppy seconds that no one really cared for at the time...even with its detuned 305bhp, and 368 lb/ft of torque. 

had Dr. Wendelin Wiedeking become Porsche's CEO a year earlier in August of 1992, it's doubtful that this last fling with blown four cylinders would've ever happened, especially in an attempt to amortize the enormous development costs that went into this turbocharged 16 valve Vier zylinder motor into 19 cars.

it's possible that WP0ZZZ96ZPS896061's high intensity exercise regimen she enjoyed in South Africa may be threatened at this price. but even at a more sedate pace of an occasional rip to the boozer or crossing Europe's borders with a duffel bag stuffed between the Matter rollcage, she'll have you soiling the seat of your pants with a twitch of her tail.




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