el jefe

Miles: 84400
5 Speed Manual Transmission
3rd Owner
Priced to move. I'm too tall for the car. 
Just had a new starter put in and some wiring replaced.
There are two tears along the seams on the driver's seat. 
Upgraded stereo.
I'll let you in on a little secret...I have a crush on 924 Turbos too. being that my obsession at the moment lies with 928s, this little tramp is like a wild mustang. with a turbo bigger than NJ and a touch unrefined in delivering this power, this is one hell of firecracker and she goes like stink. I looked at one a ways back, she was pretty with two tone ice green paint and 16" slotted manhole cover wheels but had an engine/transaxle swap and that killed it for me. 

that being said, I'm willing to accommodate truckloads of bullshit from an owner when I really want a car, but saying that your "too tall" for this car needs a rebut. it's gotta be the largest pile of bullshit that ever came from someone's pie-hole because German cars are made to fit giant Germans from the onset. so unless this guy is Andre the Giant's long lost twin brother, it's impossible. the reality is that the "tears" on the driver's seat were his when he found out that he could no longer buy a radiator for this little girl or any other trivial item that will fail with age. don't believe me? go ahead, try to find some basic parts for this thing on Pelican...you'll shed a tear just for him. like any unloved rare Porsche...no interest, no parts. just look at his solution for airbox straps, two shitty bungee cords he probably pilfered from his beer cooler...at least the colors compliment the gray exterior.


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