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"For those that have followed this ad over the past weeks, the engine is now running, I replaced the fuel filter and that was all it needed. Still has old gas and crud in it though, I would not drive it far before a cleanup and tuneup."
"I started building this as track/DE car but didn't have time to complete, it has been sitting for two years and starts right up (it did run and drive well when I bought it) but needs a tune up. Everything else works fine, most importantly it does not have the typical 2nd gear syncro issue like all the other early 5-speed 928's out there, it shifts up and down just fine without any scratching or other noises, if you know 928's that's very rare. The car is worth more in parts than I'm asking so the price is firm, $2800 cash only, possible partial trade for motorbike plus cash, it depends. The engine is worth $1500 on ebay, the manual trans at least $1500, the Cup wheels/tires $600, Momo steering wheel and hub $200 and so on. Check it out and let me know. NADA values for the 1979 928 are: $6850 low, $8300 average, $11450 high "
ah, the old "needs a tune up" line. Bullshit. tune up here involves cleaning out the fuel system, possibly rebuilding the fuel distributor and swapping out injectors. a CIS system does not take kindly to sitting, his solution? he changes the fuel filter but doesn't empty out the old fuel...good move. and what, couldn't spring for 2 more cup wheels? 

gotta love the Ted Bundy approach to the door panels, the chicks'll be impressed. Being that he ruined the value of an early OB, I'd give him $1000...and that's being generous. surprised he didn't paint flames on the front end...oh wait, that'll happen  naturally when the fuel hoses in the engine compartment that he should've fixed first give way and gush fuel all over the hot manifold.

oh, good luck trying to find the cover that's supposed to be in front of that passenger side rear wheel.



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