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The story - No BS! right out of car porn monthly, car was purchased from the estate of a little old lady (actually, she was a pretty cool old lady) in Rumson, NJ who drove it to her golf club and bridge games. 
What: 1982 924 (aka 931) 
Exterior- Diamond Silver- no rust, paint not showroom but very nice 
Interior- Seats-Black leather, driver side a bit faded, no rips, over all very nice 
Carpet almost perfect 
Dash- a few micro cracks in vents but hardly noticable
Smoker? - not me but the previous owner was, sometimes I think I can smell ancient cig smoke 

Mileage- less than 39k original (as of 7/4/2013) 
Wheels- 5 lug 
Docs- Original invoice (now that is entertainment) all original service records, manuals etc 
Options- Repair kit, rear sun cover etc all perfect
Service- Treated like the princess it is, all Porsche certified, passed NJ inspection 6/2013, detailed 6/2013 
Extras- All weather cover, service manual
Now let's be real- expect the usual minor wear and tear of a 30+ year old car 
Bottom line- if you are looking at this ad you know what it is and what you can do with it. If you can make me a sensible offer and give it a good home lets talk
Ahhh, the 'little old lady' line, sure does get a lot of mileage. Bridge games and golf club my ass. This old broad stopped driving it the day she shit her Depends when turbo boost kicked in around a tight left-hander in the rain on the way back from a night of whoring and boozing. Hell I'd shit my pants...sober.  

Last year made, smaller turbo, higher boost and compression, 177hp, and light weight...this car was much better than the earlier versions. Keep in mind that the same year 911SC had 180hp and you get a pretty clear picture of just how potent this sleeper was. Only 876 of these came to the US that year, but at $17500, sounds like whoever wrote this ad for the old bag needs to knock it back by seven large or so...retail high comes in at $10, 500. These cars haven't even come into the radar of collector status yet, at this price you can buy one hell of a nice 944 Turbo that still has a steady supply of parts available for it.



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