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I should've expected something pretty tasteless when our editor John Nitz sent me an email labeled "vulgar," what I got instead is something far worse and well beyond my capabilities as a sick demented fuck to comprehend. I suppose this being a car registered in The Netherlands is enough to automatically assume the creator frequents the legendary coffee shops in Amsterdam.
I want to believe this is something created in pixel land by a pimply lad who'd just finished jacking off and had a few hours to kill before going off to school because I find it difficult to accept how anyone would commit both the time and money to create something so horrid, never mind that it'll be a constant source of ridicule whenever this car is driven.

It's quite clear whence the artist got the idea which elevates my level of respect on its execution since this person obviously knows a thing or two about Porsche history...ready? look at the images below from the pages of "Project 928."
there you have it, claiming originality for such work would be misleading as the images from nearly 40 years ago prove. the difference is that the designers at Porsche purposefully decided on making such a grotesque incarnation so as to throw the scent off the upcoming 928, our 944 looking as if it has Graves' Disease isn't throwing any scent off as a pile of excreta should smell as such. 

but what of the rear you may ask, isn't that pretty original? no. it's merely a copy of the front in theory, the question really becomes one of why the back end received this kind of treatment which is subject to further explanation. but I won't get into it any further because frankly this sort of shit will become a waste of my time.



03/30/2015 10:01pm

i just puked in my fucking mouth. i'm so sad I'm going to wash down a handful of sleeping pills with a bottle of drano. what the hell happened?


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