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this car is a very rare Porsche 944 S2 serious collectors only! Porsche made 135 thousand 944...35, 000 944 turbos ...25, 000 S models but only 6,350 944 S2 ...only small percentage came to US. 3.0 liter engine 5 speed manual. All original call Mike
Insanely cheap S2! But Mike,baby, your numbers are all jacked up. 

A total of 156,397 944 coupes were made world-wide from 1981-1991. From 1989-1991, a total 7,139 Cabriolets were made world-wide including 500 Turbo versions. A total of 25,245 Turbos were made from 1985-1991 worldwide with 13,982 earmarked for the US. 12,936 944S models were made world-wide with 8,815 becoming American citizens which leaves us with the S2 in question...14,071 world-wide 3,650 of them becoming Gringos. In all honesty, I think Mike wrote this  ad a little to late in the evening after one too many bong hits, the 6 and the 3 in his S2 figures just needed to swap places.

The important numbers should have been the mileage, when was the last timing/balance shaft belt service, how many miles between oil changes, clutches, gearbox oil changes, brake fluid flush, motor mounts, coolant flush, and most importantly, when were those goddamned chain tensioner ramps replaced? Aside from the shitty steering wheel covers all Dads across America used in the late 70's, this looks like a great buy for an S2...providing it runs like it should.


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