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what amazes me about Luciano Rupolo is not the Ferrari 250 GTE, nor the Iso Grifo Competzione, or even the 250 GT Cal Spyder that lives in his garage, it's the mentality he has on collecting and keeping historically important cars before anyone else.

the clip is full of bits and pieces of his wisdom that, were you to apply a 928 or 924 in any of his sentences, they'd still resonate with truth. I can't help but think Luciano as the kind of collector who not only loves his cars, and drives his cars, but does it with a shoulder-shrugging sort of attitude; how many collectors do you know would rest a briefcase on a 250 series Ferrari to show you a few documents or tell Porsche to piss off when they want to buy a car you have and they covet.

wait for it to become better words could sum up the cars flüssig celebrates.


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