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these comparisons tend to draw out the very oafs who shoot themselves over something as childish as whose football team is better. I honestly don't get why anyone would bother making such a comparison, especially between two very different cars that attract two very different kinds of enthusiasts.

is it to sway the undecided? if this is the case, the undecided has a palette whose sophistication rivals that of an amoeba. this exercise is probably executed to rile up the half-wits as you can see by the responses this video drew out. I suppose it makes for interesting and colorful conversation at the pubs.

I've not edited the choice opinions made below, best to leave them intact so as to expose the intellect of the author for the sake of humor.
"Awesome takedown for the Camaro. Those mentioning GM's poor quality is ignorant of the fact that the 928 was notorious for transmission problems besides electrical gremlins that plagued it."

"porsches arent exclusive at all , in Belgium and the Netherlands you see them on evry corner of the street , no kidding , out here a Porsche is as common as a vw golf ."

"Automotive TV journal yes, not performance drivers. The simple fact that u believe a camaro can keep up with a Porsche 928 tell me u have never driven one.
Just like I beat my neighbor 0 to 70 driving a rented 2012 Kia Sodona minivan and he was driving a 2007 Monte Carlo.  Both have 3.5 V6 but the Kia has 271hp to his MC 205hp. The minivan is around 1000 lbs heavier but has a 6 speed auto vs his 4 speed. 
We race 5 times before he realize the van was faster and his driving skill couldn't change physics."

"The 928 is the ugliest Porsche ever made..."

"Looks like a big light bulb..."

"The third gen Z28 didn't get an engine worth a damn until 1987, so yes, the 1983 Z28 is a slouch. The power to weight ratio is in the toilet.

The reason the 928 has snap oversteer has little to do with a quick steering ratio, it has a wacky rear suspension which mimics four wheel steering without anything more than bushings. In serious driving, it is stupid. Porsche struggled with rear suspension until 1990, when the 944 got a double wishbone rear to replace its semi-trailing arm -- a type of suspension more at home under a luxobarge. That's why i.e. the 1989 240SX (with its 5-link rear) has better skidpad numbers than the 1989 944.

The Z28 is way more of a "handful" than the 928, because its rear suspension is from a wagon. Once you break it loose, it's a hot mess."

"Camaro beats the Porsche...ha ha you snobs"

"Have you ever driven a Porsche? A Camaro Z28? I have driven a 911 Porsche and Camaro Z28's by the score and I prefer the Camaro by far. And you won't have to mortgage your house in order to get it repaired. The 911 Porsche I would compare to driving a VW Beetle, and I don't mean the new one either. The control pedals come out of the floor!"

"My older brother had one of these Z28s. I remember the doors and the glass T-Top being very heavy. The car was nearly junk by the 1999. I'm surprised when I see one driving on the road today but they bring back memories."

"yes , thats why the engine fell apart

"what the hell was that? You fagat douche."

"aw baby is upset because camaro won awwww go suck on ur mothers titty

"Yup that's all completely true just because you say it is.
I just wonder who the moron is when some guy spends what was the price $45k+ on a car to get blown off the track by a car costing about a third as much, and then regularly has to drop 4 figures to repair and maintain said $45k+ car."

"Surprised the 928's suspension is so soft and gummy.  Fastest production car for 1983 is 145mph!? XD"



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